PUBG Mobile Season 14: Royale Pass, New Skins, Maps and More

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royal Pass: The PUBG Mobile Season 13 ends on July 12, 2020, and the next season will begin on 14th July 2020. As with other seasons, Season 14 also brings in special awards, new skins, gun skins, and two new vehicles Skins, new maps, and more.

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PUBG Mobile Season 14: Royale pass, Trailer, New Skins, map and more

Below I have mentioned all the new rewards which are available on the new PUBG season 14. So, read the full article to know all of them.

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Release Date

A YouTuber has shared a short video and is said to be the trailer for the upcoming season. That YouTuber also called the upcoming season "Spark the Fame". The video shows some new skins for players and vehicles from season 14.

For now, PUBG Mobile has not officially shared any information about the upcoming season, which is going to happen soon.

It is expecting to start the new PUBG mobile season 14 from July 14, 2020.

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PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass

Season 13 ends on July 12, and soon season 14 kicks off. In order to receive season 14 updates, it is important that users update the app on the phone after the end of season 13. The new season will run for a total of 8 weeks, after which the Royale Pass 15 will be released.

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PUBG Mobile Season 14 Trailer

The PUBG Mobile Season 14 trailer is awesome, and the rewards leaked in the trailer include the M416 Gun Skin, 100 RP Outfit, Season 14 Helmet. Here is the Season 14 trailer leaked by Data Miners:

What's New on PUBG Mobile season 14?

There are many rewards in the new PUBG Mobile update - 0.19.0PUBG Mobile Tweeted that the new update will be released on July 7, with a new map. There will also be a new bike, new skins and many more.

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Rewards

There will be:

  1. A new Map Called "LIVIK"
  2. Two new weapons
  3. M416 Gun Skin
  4. M24 sniper rifle Skin
  5. A new helmet skin
  6. Two new vehicle skins
  7. 100 RP outfits

  • New Map 'Livik'

Season 14 has been confirmed to bring a new map, "Livik". So far, it is only available in the beta version, but will be released in 0.19.0. Released on July 7th. It will move to Season 14 later.

Reports indicate that this is the smallest map of the 22km in size.

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  • New Weapons

Two new weapons - the P90 and the MK12 will be there on the new Map "LIVIK".

  • M416 Gun Skin

It has been confirmed that the Season 14 Royal Pass will feature a new skin named after the Dazzling Youth for M416, one of the game's favorite guns. People can get it at 90, but to get this skin, players need to buy an Elite Royal Pass starting at 600 UC.

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  • M24 Sniper Rifle Skin

Mr. Ghost Gaming YouTuber has shared that there will be a new skin for the M24 Sniper Rifle in Season 14 and Diamond Tires.

  • A New Helmet Skin

A new helmet skin will also be available in 100RP rewards after this season kicks off in July ends.

  • Two New Vehicle Skins

Two new vehicle skins will also be available - UAZ and Dacia. Dacia is in red while UAZ gives the vehicle a military look.

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  • PUBG Mobile Season 13 End Date

The PUBG Mobile Season is at a very regular time, which means we can do exactly when Season 13 ends.

We can predict that season 13 ends with July 12th.

Final Words

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