How to Enable Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile 2020?

PUBG mobile has brought a zombie mode for all those who are bored with the traditional PUBG mode. Here are details on How to enable PUBG zombie mode and play it.

How to Enable Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile 2020?
Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile

Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile 2020

The zombie mode on PUBG Mobile is just as chaotic as the traditional version, the only difference being that in this mode, a small group of human players go against a group of 98 zombies.

Zombies do not have the capability to rob or reunite conventional weapons, but they can overcome these shortcomings and emerge as valuable opponents due to the sheer strength of their numbers. It was an interesting fight, to say the least, and a perfect gift for anyone interested in some post-apocalyptic chaos.

The game has yet to be popular, so there is some confusion to play PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode. For new players, the step-by-step instructions below are helpful.

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How to enable zombie mode in PUBG mobile in season 13?

Zombie Mode is part of a collaboration between Tencent Games and RE Games. The update brings a new mode, which allows players to fight off massive zombie attacks. The mode is available to play for a limited time.

To run Zombie Mode PUBG Mobile, the first mode must be accessed as follows:

  • Boot PUBG on mobile
  • Select Game Mode, and then select Event Mode
  • Zombie Select: Survive until dawn selection and click OK
  • Prepare for the zombie matches

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How to Play Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile?

Here's how to take part in a zombie match at PUBG.

1. From the main menu, select the Custom Match tab with the top navigation bar.

2. Tap the Filters tab on the left and filter by Game Mode. In this example, your search for a "Zombie match". So you can easily find the type of match you want.

3. Now, filter the results publicly. Unlike games that require a special password, you'll only find games that anyone can join.

4. Click through the list of resulting servers and note anything that is full. You can tell by looking at the number of players on the right. If possible, it's worth choosing a server in your area for better connectivity.

5. Once the correct match is found, the player must hit the Join button. Then they have to wait until they get admission. This may take some time, but the player must constantly press the button.

6. If entry is not immediate, there is no reason to fear. PUBG does not want to allow people in a custom match immediately, but it is important to remain consistent until the gains are reached.

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How to survive the Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile: Step by Step Guide

Step 1: When you first live in zombie mode, it is recommended to get into a good amount of exploitation. This tactic ensures that you have enough ammunition to fight the zombies.

The 7.62 class weapon, such as the AKM or M762 on your list, will facilitate your stay in the game. These weapons also cause more damage to the flamethrower and minigun. To avoid being white, avoid snipers at all costs.

Step 2: Drop at containers or warehouses. It is important to note that the corpse cannot climb, swim, or bend (liqueur is excluded). So you can easily climb boxes or boxes and only focus on spits.

Step 3: Unless you are dealing with other zombies, go out into the dictator circle and they will do you no harm.

Step 4: Store enough meditations, first aids, pain killers, and energy drinks before hitting the zombie apocalypse in the morning. When night comes, they go into the water or camp in buildings with angled roofs. It protects you from zombie attacks.

To prevent spitting acid, run away from the zombie hotspot, and wait for daylight.

Step 5: The second night is difficult to survive. If you play solo, the zombie spawn rate is reduced to 1 person. However, for a full squad, the zombie spawn rate increases to 4, which means that if ignored, most regular and police zombies (2 butchers, 1 shield, 1 liqueur, and 2 spitters) will be born.

Step 6: Stay with your teammates and shoot at all the zombies. Aim to remove the head quickly so you can save your ammunition until dawn.

Step 7: When eliminating zombies, pay extra attention to the footsteps around you. Maybe the real player sees you.

Zombie Mode is one of the most exciting events on PUBG Mobile. However, it was only available for a limited time and the developers have now completely removed the mode from the game.

This mode has been very popular and there has been an incredible number of searches on the Internet. Given the recent craze among players, we can expect to return to this mode during a future Halloween update. However, no official announcement has been made.

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Final Words

PUBG can play zombie mode on mobile. Since PUBG has not yet come up with this feature, the results are disappointing for those who want to make their own custom matches. Nevertheless, they will undoubtedly come with this feature in the near future and so fans around the world will really support it.

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