Best Fake Phone Number Apps to Create Whatsapp Accounts

Do you want to create another or multiple free Whatsapp accounts without putting your original phone number? If yes then these are the best fake phone number apps to create Whatsapp accounts. Your real information will be hidden and no will be able to find you through that fake phone number.

To know these apps, how to get a fake phone number, and make multiple Whatsapp accounts stick till the end of this article.

Best Fake Phone Number Apps to Create Whatsapp Accounts

These apps are very useful and easy to use to give you a fake international number. For example, if you are someone living in Russia, you will still able to get a USA number with +1. In fact, nothing is technical; just download the app and get a fake number for yourself.

The interesting thing is that you can call, text, or send voicemail without being recognized anywhere in the world. Isn't it wonderful?

Why Use A Fake Number To Make Free WhatsApp Account?

There may be many reasons behind using a duplicate number in your WhatsApp account. It is easy to combine personal and professional life, and another number relieves anyone of that stress.

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If you are running a business and want to be in full contact with your customer, WhatsApp is the best way to do this. Not only that, but it also boosts their confidence in your service, because you are choosing the safest way to reach them.

However, it is not correct to show your personal WhatsApp number to unknown people. So, the duplicate or fake number is useful for you in such situations.

No matter what reason you have another phone number, the following fake Whatsapp number apps are available to you. In addition, it also looks more gentle and professional.

Best Fake Phone Number Apps to Create Whatsapp Accounts Without Number

Some of these apps are paid for, and some are free, so your personal status determines which option is best for you to get a free USA number for verification.


Burner Best Fake Phone Number Apps to Create Whatsapp Accounts

Burner is, undoubtedly the best fake phone number app for Whatsapp verification available on the Internet. It has a clean and simple interface that is easy to navigate. It provides a second phone number with the local area code, using which you can do all the simple things.

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You can register calls, text messages, voice mail, WhatsApp accounts, etc. Additionally, it can be integrated with many other services like Dropbox, SoundCloud, etc.

However, to use this app, you must be the US and a Canadian citizen. Burner gives you complete control over all the contacts, who call you and who doesn't.

Once you're done with the fake number, you're allowed to remove it with just one click. It comes with a 7-day trial and you have the freedom to decide whether to buy it or not.

Download BURNER (Android / iOS)


Hushed fake whatsapp number generator

Like Burner, Hushed offers free and premium services to its customers. You can access another phone number provided by Hushed for 3 days at no cost.

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If you are happy with Hushed's features, such as custom voice mail and call forwarding, you may decide to go into Hashed's paid 7-day and permanent plans. It is like 19/20 similar to the Burner app, but if the app's features are appealing to you, it's a good choice for your situation.

Download HUSHED (Android / iOS)


Cover me fake whatsapp number online app

If you are very much concerned with your privacy, Cover Me is for you. It is one of the best fake phone number apps to create Whatsapp accounts.

Cover Me is like a shield that protects your personal data. It basically focuses on protecting the privacy of its user compared to others. It gives you fake phone numbers from the US, UK, Mexico, China, and Canada, which can be easily verified for a WhatsApp account.

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With the Cover Me, you can text anyone and call others from the burner line. It helps hide your number from the eyes and gives you a military-grade encrypted call.

Cover Me provides everything you need, but additional private storage is another benefit. However, some of its features only work when the app is installed by someone on the other side.

It offers you some breathtaking fresh features by adding an extra layer of security to your data. Surprisingly, you can download the app for your Android or iOS for free. But, you have to pay a subscription fee after the trial is over.

Download COVER ME (Android / iOS)


Numbers Plus to generate fake whatsapp accounts

Numbers Plus (it's just Apple's iOS users) is pretty much a book, but it differs significantly from its competition: its ability to give users more than one extra number. If for any reason you need more than 2 numbers, the number plus is perfect.

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f there is a free trial and you feel confident about the merits of the service afterward, getting a higher number is a simple matter of completing an in-app purchase.



Second phone number for fake number for whatsapp verification online

Unlike the other options on this list, the Second phone number allows users to receive fake new numbers from different countries.

If you are an American or a Canadian who wants a second number, the Second phone number is the right choice for situations where you need frequent numbers from specific countries. Every feature you need is available and these optional numbers are available in monthly and annual subscription forms.

Download SECOND PHONE NUMBER (Android / iOS)


Sideline app for fake whatsapp number

The Sideline on the list is notable because it provides a free service to customers. You can install it for free in-app purchases from Google Play or the App Store.

This is a service and app that is often used by small and large businesses anywhere. Sideline takes pride in providing customers with a reliable fake number, such as the first number.

The app helps you get another free number on your phone. The numbers are real and quickly verified on WhatsApp. You can use their app to look more professional by showing your business contact with the international phone number in your business area.

In addition to the duplicate number, it also brings many other important features to improve your productivity. The sideline will auto-reply to the caller with a private message, as if you missed any work call. You can split the same number into multiple devices that promote better teamwork and more.

In addition to all these, Sideline offers ads in the free version. However, if you go for its premium plan, you can eliminate them with a reasonable membership fee.

Download SIDELINE (Android / iOS)


Textme up best fake number generator app

TextMe Up is another app on the "luxury" side, but for some, the cost of admission can be well worth it. TextMeUp has so many "bells and whistles" that other apps don't like group messaging and video calling.

Additionally, TextMe Up is designed intuitively, which allows users to quickly switch between their various numbers in the app. If cost is not a problem and you want the best, TextMe Up is worth looking into.

Download TEXTME UP (Android)


Phoner best app to create whatsapp accout with fake number

Phoner may be more limited in its use than any of the other options on this list, but under the right circumstances, its services may be more than adequate.

The Phoner app will just generate a random number for you and gives more than enough options for some. While not the prettiest option on this list, Phone can provide the service you and your situation need.

Download PHONER (Android / iOS)

There are many other websites and apps that offer you a temporary and secondary fake phone number such as  Godaddy Smartline, Textfree, iPlum, Google Voice, Dingtone, Line2TextplusTextnow.

Disclaimer: Techtune4you is not the owner of any of these apps and only provides description pictures and links on Play Store Search or websites to help our readers find the best app to download. If you are the developer of one of these apps and would like to remove your information from our site, please send a request to and your information will be removed.

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Final Words

These are the Best Fake Phone Number Apps for Android and iOS. Use them to create Whatsapp Accounts without an original phone number. I hope you did like this article. Do visit us (techtune4you) for more information like this, thank you.

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