How to Get Rename Card in PUBG Mobile Everyday For Free

Mistakenly you have saved your name in PUBG that you don't like and now you want to change it. For that purpose, you will need a rename card. You will get name change cards many times in the game. So today I will give you the tips on how to get rename cards in PUBG for free, method 3 will shock you.

How to Get Rename Card in PUBG Mobile Everyday For Free

Rename cards are probably one of the most used items on PUBG Mobile. If you're a hardcore gamer who usually switches from one clan to another or prefers different names after each tournament, you'll need name change cards many times.

Name change cards are usually purchased using UC, which can be obtained after spending a few real money at the PUBG Mobile In-Game Shop.

Another way to change the name is to complete missions and participate regularly in the Crew Challenges in PUBG games. Feeling confused? Let us explain this point more clearly.

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How to Get Rename Card in PUBG Mobile for free

METHOD 1: Completing Progressive Mission

The easiest way to get a rename card on PUBG Mobile is to complete missions from mission 1 to level 10.

You'll get a rename card free for completing the mission that is on LVL 2. But for the second one, you will have to complete missions all up to 10.

To complete Mission 10 now, you must complete all missions from 1 to 9.

These are simple missions that you can easily complete. Only Mission 9 is a little more complicated.

Follow the below guide to get a free Rename Card by completing the Progressive mission:

➧ Enter the chat room (click on the Chat button) and go to the Chat section.
➧ Once you get into the chat section, scroll down from the left until it looks like a home button.
➧ On the left side of your screen in the lobby, you'll see chat bar flashing words that change every moment. Click on it, you will see the icons on the left, try to scroll down, you will see the home icon, click on it, create a chat room, enter a password, send a message.
➧ Once you enter the chat room, leave any message, and Mission 9 will be completed.
Now go back to the Progressive Mission section and collect your Rename Card.
➧ Click on 'Use it' and rename your in-game name as you want.

If you are already at level 10 and looking to change your name, start actively participating in the Crew Challenges, which are held regularly.

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METHOD 2: By Participating in Crew Challenge

How to get free rename card in PUBG mobile?

You can get unlimited rename cards by participating in crew challenges. You must take part in the bus crew challenges and earn many crew points. Try to kill as many enemies as you can and try to live up to the end zone. Restore your teammates and get healthy as often as you can.

Once you earn 200 crew points you go to the crew section and then hit the shop.

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How to Rename Using Crew Points?

➧ Go to the 'Crew' option on the main screen of your game.
➧ Click on the 'Shop' option.
➧ You get the option to change the name by investing 200 crew points.
➧ If you have multiple crew points, click on 'Rename Card' and get one for free.

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How to Play Crew Challenge

As you can see in Mortal Stream, they are playing Crew Challenge every day at 6-8 pm. To play the Crew Challenge, you must first go to the Crew Challenge option and register your crew. You need at least 6 people, and you can play the Crew Challenge at a given time. You have to be ready with your team at times.

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METHOD 3: Don't Play the Game For 10 Days

How to get another rename card in PUBG?

The trick we are about to share is that no mission has been accomplished but yes, hitting some PUBG players can be a bit difficult because you will not have to log in. Don't play the game for some days continuously.

When you don't play the game for the full 10-15 days, the PUBG team will think you no longer like the game, which will stop you from entering the game.

Finally, if you don't play the game for 10 - 15 days, you get return missions, and the third prize in those missions is the rename card (the last gift is also cool costume).

Last one

That's all about getting rename cards in PUBG for free. But if you have a lot of UC and don't mind spending them, you can have one in the treasure section of the store in the game for 180 UC.


Final Words

This article is all about how to get a rename card in PUBG mobile for free. All these methods are pretty easy and I hope you like it. Subscribe us by clicking the red bell icon on the left bottom side of the screen. Do visit techtune4you for more information like this. Thank you.


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