The Easiest Server in PUBG For More Chicken Dinner

You are here with the questions in mind Which is The Easiest Server in PUBG Mobile, Which is the best server for PUBG Mobile. Don't worry, in this article, I am going to tell you the easiest PUBG server to get more chicken dinner.

Easiest Server in PUBG

The PUBG Mobile game is one of the most popular games in recent years. It is an online multiplayer battle royal online game for both PC or mobile and was developed by PUBG Corporation.

Originally, it was released on the desktop version, but in September 2018 it was released free to play the mobile version for Android and iOS.

PUBG Mobile is played 100,000,000+ times all over the World.

PUBG Mobile has 6 servers all over the globe.

In January 2019, Pubg released its Lite version. It's also free. This is the PUBG version that enables the main purpose - the gamer's play battle on low-end computers.

What Are The Different PUBG Mobile Servers?

PUBG Mobile has 6 servers and they are as follows:

  1. KRJP
  2. South America
  3. North America
  4. Asia
  5. Europe
  6. Middle East

Asian servers have the most highly competitive environment or you can say the hardest server in PUBG mobile among all of these existing servers.

Now the question arises, What is the easiest server in PUBG Mobile?

Easiest Server in PUBG Mobile

All the 6 servers in PUBG Mobile are very different in characters.


This server is an easy server for some players. Players on this server are usually new players who have only tried playing PUBG Mobile or are not good at playing.

Try this server, Chicken dinner is easy here.

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2. South America

This server is at a higher level than the KRJP server. On this server, bots are often found.

For beginners who want to get a level in each game, you can try playing on this server.

Players are also easy to kill on this server. It is worth trying out for fun or running a fun server.

3. North America

There are still many bots on this server. There are also a lot of unskilled players on this server. Especially when you are playing with lower ranks such as bronze or silver and platinum.

4. Asia

On this server, we can still find bots to increase Kill Coffers. However, we need to know about this server. This server has a highly competitive environment on other servers.

Pro players usually play on this server.

The game is also wild compared to other servers. There is very little chance of chicken dinner here for the less skilled players.

5. Europe

There are three levels above the level in this set. You can say that this server is a mid-level server. The players here are more capable of playing. Otherwise sounded.

Get ready to head back to the lobby. There are still many bots on this server.

If you asked which PUBG server has the most bots then the answer will be Asia.

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6. Middle East

In almost every game of PUBG, you meet a Middle Eastern person/group who brings us the idea of ​​a Middle Eastern server to deal with overseas gaps/delays. Most developers have been aware of this recently and so they have added Middle Eastern servers to their list of servers.

A server is wheater easy or hard it depends upon various factors. The various factors are given below-

Factors Depend on The Hardness of a PUBG Servers

PUBG best server

➧ If you are new then PUBG Asia Server is not for you. You may run into some trouble because of the Asian server.

I suggest you start your PUBG gameplay journey on the KRJP server. Here you can easily get a chicken dinner. You can live again if someone kills you.

This server chooses your speed, purpose, and ability to improve the gun. I have also started with this server first.

➧ If you are a skilled player or a pro player, start an Asian PUBG server. This is the best thing for you.

➧ If you are an average player you will use it on PUBG mobile servers in North America and South America.

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If you use an emulator, I recommend that you use an Asian server or another server.

When playing desktop PUBG, you feel at ease with regard to mobile. In the emulator, all servers are easy to play with and you learn many new things.

Which Server is The Best for PUBG?

Best server for PUBG

There are 3 colors according to servers: GreenYellow, and Red.

I would suggest you always play on the server that indicates the Green.

Less value means better PUBG ping and more enjoyable play.

The Yellow color means not so easy or more than average and Red color making it impossible to play the game and tolerate log and server timeouts.

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Finally, Which is The Easiest Server in PUBG Mobile?

If you play with high-speed WiFi then all the servers are green and easier to play.

If you are a casual player and want a more simple action, play in Europe.

If you like a much harder challenge then play in Asia. It is the most difficult server to play because the players on that server are very good and have the mentality of being the best in any game. Other servers are also generally more pleasant.

Final Words

If you want a competitive experience I strongly recommend running an Asian server. But if you are still lying down and playing. Run-on the KRJP server. KRJP is by far the easiest server to play and get a chicken dinner.

I hope you did find this article The Easiest Server in PUBG Mobile For More Chicken Dinner informative. Do visit Techtune4you for again more information like this.



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