Latest PUBG Mobile Hack Apk 2020 - Unlimited PUBG MOD Apk

PUBG Mobile Hack Apk 2020: This is an informatic post of PUBG Mobile MOD Apk. We are here with the latest PUBG MOD Apk in which you can get Aimbot, No Recoil, Unlimited Uc (Anti Ban), etc. by Installing the Apk.

Latest PUBG Mobile Hack Apk 2020 - Unlimited PUBG MOD Apk

Are you a PUBG lover? Or you want to be a pro player, but for some reason, you can't become a pro player. If you don't have a good device or good internet connectivity and logging problem, I know what these problems are.

Don't worry we are coming to your solution. We bought this PUBG Mobile Mod Apk information only for you guys with amazing features you may like.

PUBG Mobile Hack Edition has all the features you need: Unlimited UC, unlimited free skins, Aimbot, Jump hack, Wallhack, and the most important feature is that your account won't be banned. This is a 100% Anti-Ban mod Apk.

So don't worry read the article carefully. We share a lot of information and features about PUBG Mobile Hack Apk 2020.

What is PUBG Mobile MOD Apk?

Do you know about mod apk? I think you all are intelligent by the way I will explain in short form.

In short, PUBG mod apk is the all features unlocked ultimate version of the original Tencent games PUBG Mobile. Some unknown developers have modified it, and their identities have not been exposed as the development of any mod APK is illegal. Hope all of you understand.

So when we talk about PUBG mod apk this is a modified version of the original APK. Its use is illegal. We are not responsible for questions such as account restrictions.

PUBG MOD is a customized or compatible APK version of the PUBG mobile game where you get the advanced features unlocked on the game. You will never lose a match by playing this MOD apk.

Here you will get many paid features for free Unlimited UC, like aimbot, Anti ban, Unlimited Skins, wallhack, etc. These features will make you a pro player.

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Difference Between PUBG And PUBG MOD apk

There are many players who just know about PUBG original APK. But I explained PUBG MOD APK here. In this section, we going to explain a few differences between PUBG And Pubg Hack.


When you will play the game using PUBG APK. once you get hit by players against you, your health will decrease and you will get died if you did not use health Kit or Medical KIT.

so, you have to be prepared to move further in the battle points. if you get a hit and knocked by someone You can call your friends to get revive, You can also discuss and have a chat while you’re playing this game. because of its super cool features, it is one of the most played games in the world.


It's amazing, if you have a PUBG APK MOD on your phone you'll be at war. You can get unlimited health, unlimited UC, unlimited money, and unlimited everything.

Most PUBG players use PUBG APK on their phones. You can benefit from it. You can easily kill them using the PUBG MOD APK. And you can enjoy your winner winner chicken dinner.

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Key Features of PUBG MOD APK

  • Wallhack
  • Aimbot
  • Unlimited UC
  • Unlock All Skins
  • Anti-Ban
  • Team Up With Friends
  • No fog in the game
  • No Recoil
  • No Root

  • Wallhack

If you are a desperate PUBG player you definitely know about Wallhack. With the help of Wallhack,, you can kill any enemy in front of the wall. With this hack, you can easily kill any enemy.

You can easily rank the push and with good K / D, you can enter the winner and be the top 100 in your area. So if you want to push the rank and reach the winner, download this application.

  • Aimbot
This is a wonderful feature of this modern app. First of all, you need to know what the PUBG Mobile Mod apk Aimbot is. In fact, the Aimbot is killing the enemy with a headshot without ammo.

In this app, you will find the Aimbot feature. With its help, you can directly kill any enemy. You become a pro player.

  • Unlimited UC
One of the most anticipated features of Pubg Mobile Hacks is Unlimited UC. All players want a free UC. UC helps get the Royal Pass. Everyone wants new clothes, gun skins, bike or vehicle skins, and so on.

This is an amazing feature that helps you get free UC. With Unlimited UC, you can raise any gun or buy any outfit you want. I know not all players buy Royal Pass. So we introduce this feature.

  • Anti-ban
Anti-ban is also the most important feature of this application. Let me first tell you what an anti-ban is. Anti-Ban is a process in which pub developers cannot capture your hack or account after reporting it to rival developers.

You can easily use multiple hacks without any problems. Don't use a hack waiting for our Mod APK file update instead of having your account blocked for many years after any update in the original app. Enjoy these features and easily reach the winner.

  • No Recoil
There is No Recoil, easily defined by its name. Whenever you play a PUBG mobile game, you feel a bit embarrassed when hitting enemies, because guns have so much more relief. So we're here without recoils. With its help no one will fire a gun, allowing you to easily kill any enemy.

  • No Root
The most important feature is that there is no root feature. You don't need to root your phone. This is the best feature of MOD APK.

In most APKs, you need to root your phone. It can also affect your phone and other apps. Running the application can cause routing problems and your phone may hang.

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PUBG Mobile MOD APK 2020

52MB APK + 1.7GB OBB
VERSIONv0.18.0 [Latest]

How to Install PUBG MOD Apk

How to download PUBG MOD APK? People think that downloading a hacked version of PUBG on their phone is complicated, but it's not true. And things are tough for you. In this section, I will explain an easy way to install PUBG MOD APK on your Android phone.

➧ First Of All, Uninstalled the PUBG Mobile from your phone. If previously you have downloaded it.
➧ Allow Unknown Resources by Goto your security setting

Install PUBG Mobile Hack APK

➧ Now Download PUBG Mobile hack apk or MOD apk & OBB File.
➧ Install the downloaded PUBG Apk

➧ Now Extract OBB Data On OBB Folder
➧ For this First Open File Manager -> Open Android Folder-> Then OBB Folder-> Create A New Folder name with “com.tencent.igce” under OBB Folder
➧ Now your PUBG Mod Game will be ready to Play

Note: We are not suggesting any game or company policy be broken. This post is for educational purposes only.

Merit and Demerit of PUBG MOD APK

PUBG Mobile Mode or PUBG MOD is a modified version of the PUBG mobile game where you can find more features of the PUBG game. The mod is an illegal and unwanted method that cheats the rules of the game. So it's better to use the original game instead of the mod.

In the MOD APK game, you can access PUBG Mobile's paid features in PUBG MOD for free. This mode game features unlimited health, unlimited AMO, No reload bullets, Wall Drag Out, and Unlimited PUBG Free UC.


1. Can a PUBG Mobile be arrested?

Yes, PUBG Mobile Hack is possible on Android devices or PC. You don't need to root your phone or in some cases, you can easily convert the original APK to other developers, but you have to pay for it. You can also skip the fraud prevention software by allowing your fraud to control the phone.

2. Can I hack?

Yes, it is possible to hack PUBG mobile games on Android. There are various ways and online hacking tools you can consider for these applications. You need to remove your mobile phone. We offer Pubg Mobile Mode Epic without holding your phone.

3. How do I get unlimited UC on PUBG Mobile?

Yes, you can find out by downloading the mod apk found in this post. If you have not downloaded this APK you will need real money to buy unlimited UC. You can use this UC to buy your favorite clothes and skins.

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Final Words

This is all about the PUBG Mobile MOD APK. I hope you did like this article Latest PUBG Mobile Hack Apk 2020 - Unlimited PUBG MOD Apk. Do visit Techtune4you for more information like this.


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