Top 8 Best Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends [2020] | Best Guide

Are you searching for the best Marksman in Mobile Legends 2020? Here I am going to tell you the top 8 best Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends for 2020. If you wanna know all these heroes then stick till the end of this article.

Top 8 Best Marksman Heroes 2020 Mobile Legends Guide
Best Marksman Hero

Marksman is one of the mobile legends that can remotely deal with basic attacks.

Mobile Legends best Marksman build: A Marksman usually takes advantage of their basic attack and increases their critical and attack speed. But some marksman uses their skills to beat opponents.

On this occasion, Techtune4you will share the 8 best Marksman in Mobile Legends in 2020.

Who do you think is the best Marksman hero of this year? Read the article below to find out!

Top 8 Best Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends [2020]

The role of Marksman in Mobile Legends is one of the most important.

As a major DPS, your role is to keep the farm going until you get your main items. Then, it was time to join the team fights and combine the enemy team with bits.

Each season, there is always a small set of Marksman heroes that stand out from the rest.

Here are our picks for the top 8 best marksmen in the current meta.

This list is not sorted in any particular order

1. Claude

Claude best mobile legends marksman heroes 2020

Claude is personally one of my favorite heroes and one of the most OP Marksmen in the game.

He needs a little practice and mastery to use his full potential. When you're done, you'll become one of the deadliest and most feared heroes on the map.

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Claude has amazing mobility with his first and second skills. Thanks to his vomit and super fast attack speed, he can divert enemies, even beef tanks, in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, Claude has the great ultimate skill, which can cause him massive damage along with a wide-area attack.

After he receives the Demon Hunter sword, Claude's power his monkey assistant Dexter shoots an extra shot at Claude attacks each time, and item effects such as percentage-based damage to DHS work on Dexter's attacks.  Claude is so powerful.

2. Kimmy

Kimmy best mobile legends marksman heroes 2020 image

Kimmy is one of the most hated and usually banned heroes in ranked matches. Because she is one of the most OP heroes in Mobile Legends.

She has many of the qualities a good marksman should have: a dash skill for mobility, around slow skill, a good ability to dominate his nook, as well as a fast farm ability.

To top it all off, she can go ahead while shooting! And using her dash skill produces energy instead of consuming it!

Once cultivated and prepared, he can easily wipe out enemy groups. And good luck to the enemies who try to chase him!

Sprint or pure spell and get a  Mega/Marksmanicon on it and you're good to go.

The purpose of this is a little practice, so we recommend you practice some boat games first when you first buy kimmy. But once you become well-versed in targeting him, you are not invincible!

3. Granger

Granger best mobile legends marksman heroes 2020 image

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Granger has one of the best burst damage among all the Marksmen in the game.

Unlike other Marksman heroes who use basic attacks to attack the enemy, Granger defeats opponents using his skills.

Like Kimmy, he has a dash lacking mana (instead of using energy), his cultivation speed is unbelievable, and he can live without the tank or support from his side.

Unlike Claude and Kimmy, Granger does not have much learning curve, so he is a great choice for beginners as it is easy to master.

In the end, the reason Granger stands out most from Marksman is that he can still get away with his team early in the game when everyone else is still missing his main points.

4. Lesley

Lesely best mobile legends marksman heroes 2020 image

Lesley is a perfect marksman thanks to her two main features: a very long attack range, and a very and very complex damage!

As a sniper, she can harass and attack her enemies from a safe distance. Her first skill is making her semi-invisible, increasing her attack speed, and giving her the next attacker her passively powerful fondant.

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Leslie is ready once more with her main object deadly during the game. She can 1-shoot her enemies even at almost full health.

While other Marksmen have to deal with rapid attacks, Lesley fires a bullet every few seconds - but everyone packs a powerful lethal punch. Aim for the head!

5. Bruno

Bruno best mobile legends marksman heroes 2020 image

Bruno, the Marshman hero, is popular for his return to work. Bruno is a mark of devastating critical loss. With his severe damage, he can easily kill his enemies.

Bruno can now deal only with serious damage with his basic attacks.

Bruno's final was considered useless because of the low damage. But now Bruno's ultimate skill has become his main focus, as Bruno can do a huge amount of damage.

6. Karrie

Karrie best mobile legends marksman heroes 2020

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Karrie is a shooting hero at high attack speeds and can cause devastating real damage. The combination easily defeats the closest enemy tank.

She suffered greatly, especially when fitting an endless bottle. She has a multi-dash skill that gives her a good sense of humor.

She can grow very fast and late in the game, her incredible attack speed and damage can easily knock down any opponent.

Like most MM heroes, the Karrie is not quite a tank. The good thing is that she only needs a few key items to go online, so the rest of the item slots have items that will enhance her survival.

These benefits counteract the most durable heroes in mobile legends like Esmeralda or Johnson. Their armor becomes useless when Karrie is exposed.

7. Moskov

Moskov best mobile legends marksman heroes 2020

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If you've ever encountered a Moskov in the alley, you don't know how upset he is!

Moskov is known for his spear strikes by enemies. Although he has a small attack range, this inactivity allows him to kill enemies in the backline.

Killing enemies under the influence of piercings also reduces the cooldown of their skills. Once you learn his positions and use the effect of this piercing attack, Moskov becomes really lethal or deadly in the lane and in team battles.

He has the teleport blink skill, the CC skill that can pin enemy heroes to the wall, and the powerful AoE vomit that can snag low HP heroes.

Moskov relies heavily on the field, but in the last game, he can melt his opponent's health points in a few seconds.

8. Irithel

Irithel best mobile legends marksman heroes 2020

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You may be hearing the phrase from your peers: "let’s end this quickly before Irithel gets farmed in the late game!" And they are almost always correct.

When she is fully equipped in the last game, Irithel can wipe out your entire team.

Each auto-attack has unique inactivity that allows her to fire three shots.

She is one of the few heroes to advance when attacked. This only makes her much worse as she can attack while chasing or escaping enemies.

Her first and second skills can deal with a powerful AoE loss that is pierced by the entire enemy team.

In the end, Irithel's ultimate skill gives her an incredible damage bonus for several seconds, which allows her team to win the game late.

Final Words

I hope this guide helps you decide which mark to buy or not in your next game.

Remember, a good marksman, regardless of the hero, needs to know how to balance the farm, engage in team fights and reduce/remove the turret.

I hope you now get the best pics from our list of Top 8 Best Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends [2020].

If you guys find this article any helpful then share it with your friends, it will make my day. Thank you.

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