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Are you searching for the best heroes for solo ranking in Mobile Legends? Here I am going to tell you the top 15 strongest Mobile legends heroes for solo ranking. These heroes you can use to carry to mythic rank. If you wanna know all these heroes, then stick till the end.

Top 15 Strongest Mobile legends Heroes for Solo Ranking
Strongest Mobile Legends Heroes

Just a warning, now all of these heroes are only useful if you know how to use them really well, so make sure you know how to use those heroes. Practice them in classic first before moving on to rank games.

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You probably have questions like Which is the best hero in MLBB? Who is the best fighter in mobile legends? How do you rank up fast in mobile legends? So for these questions, I have prepared this top list for the best heroes for Mobile Legends game. Now without wasting any time, let’s start our list.

Top 15 Strongest Mobile legends Heroes for Solo Ranking

1. Granger

Granger best marksman mobile legends hero image

Granger is one of the deadliest Marksman in the game right now.

Because of his skill, he suffered a lot in the early games as well. He doesn’t use the mind, and he also has mobility, which is a massive advantage for the Marksman hero.

Unlike most Marksman, Granger can use his skills to avoid chasing down enemies.

If you want a MM hero who can farm quickly in the jungle and help start the game, we recommend buying Granger as your next hero.

2. Kimmy

Kimmy best marksman mobile legends hero image

Kimmy is still powerful in the existing meta. And the good thing is that he hasn’t got as many sanctions as recently, so now is an excellent time to try him.

Kimmy has many features for a high powered (OP) Marksman: a dash skill for mobility, around the slow craft, the annoying choking ability to dominate the lanes, and the ability to farm very fast.

She can shoot manually and shoot while running, which is excellent for laning and rust. Her first skill could easily remove the opponent’s HP bar even in the early game.

Her other skills also make it very difficult to follow him. For the most part, the enemies who try to chase her would die before they can even touch her!

If you want to climb the ranks fast, you should definitely try the Kimmy.

3. Leomord

Strongest Mobile Legends Hero Leomord

Leomord is currently one of the best fighters in the game, he doesn’t use mana, so once you get bloodlust axe, you rarely have to go back to base to heal. One fundamental skill to the minion wave, and you get tons of health again. His expertise also makes him very hard to kill, and he can deal so much damage.

When playing her, try your best to not let the enemy push your lane’s turret. Just by spamming the first skill, you can clear wave fast. Once you get Endless Battle, you can start playing more aggressively.

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4. Hayabusa

Hayabusa is perfect for solo players because even the style of playing him is doing solo stuff, such as split pushing and getting single kills.

When playing him, you want to keep pressuring a lane, so the enemy in the opposite lane has less time to join team fights, and if they do, then say goodbye to those turrets. This primarily works for Hayabusa because his second skill allows him to be very mobile and hard to catch. So by applying this pressure, you will be out farming the enemy team, and later on, you can start dominating, even in team fights.

5. Gusion

Strongest Mobile Legends Hero Gusion

Gusion doesn’t need much introduction. This mage/assassin has one of the most ridiculous burst damage. And he can even kill a tank with ease because of his passive.

You almost always want to go mid lane to reach level 4 faster, and once you have your ult, you can gank another lane and quickly get a free kill. Just make sure you learn his combos properly. Because even though the 10 dagger combo looks cool and flashy. You should not always use it that way. I will make a more in-depth tutorial about these combos and when to use them.

6. Grock

Our first tank recommendation was the Grock, which had both protection and damage.

Grock is mostly known for his signature crowdsourced (CC) skill guard. This creates a stone wall from a distance, which is excellent for preventing enemy heroes and disrupting their position.

Besides, Grock has very aggressive abilities - most tanks cannot do hero tanks at the same time and cause massive explosive damage!

Grock’s specialty is that Walls and Turret increase his power - when he has a wall or turret, Grock’s movement speed, and physical and magical defense increase, while his skills gain an added bonus.

If you want an excellent CC and blast damage tank hero, we suggest you buy Grok as your next hero!

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7. Harley

Harley is one of my favorite heroes to play in solo rank. This little magician is good for solo rank because he can kill the jungle fast and has excellent mobility, making him an excellent solo hero.

When playing him, make sure that you keep roaming around the map, that is his strongest point, if you fail to make an impact on the early game, the game will become harder to win.

8. Lunox

Lunox with the right build and the right decision making can become a nightmare to deal with. This mage can sustain and deal a lot of damage at the same time. When you have accumulated more experience with her, you will know when you should use the dark form and when you should use the light way. She needs a perfect balance.

9. Wanwan

The most active Marsman hero in Mobile Legends is the self-sufficient hero. As long as she can cultivate peace, Wanwan can easily be a frightening sign, especially if she already has a few items such as a Windteller or Blade of Despair.

When a game with the essential items is delayed, Wanwan can produce inappropriate damage and lightning-fast speeds. Therefore, if she can perform in her last game, she can easily take your team.

10. Karrie

Strongest Mobile Legends Hero Karrie

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Karrie is a great marksman for solo because her passive makes it possible for her to play a more aggressive early game.

If the enemy seems to be out of position, just keep poking them with your basic attack or skill, after you hit them 5 times in a row, it will deal tons of damage. In the late game, she will be a killing machine, even to the tanks. And if you know about positioning, then she will be tough to kill.

11. Claude

Claude is probably the best Marksman for solo rank in this season. If you play him correctly, he is so hard to catch because of his second skill. If you master his other skill, you can outmaneuver many assassination attempts.

Just make sure you farm early game and get Demon Hunter Sword as soon as possible, your damage in the old game is almost non-existent. In the old game, you can play him like Hayabusa, where you can clear lane fast using your ultimate and then farm other lanes. Don’t waste your ultimate like that after you get your Demon Hunter Sword though, it has one of the most extended cool down in the game.

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12. Helcurt

Helcurt is definitely a solid pick for solo rank this season. His damage output is insane, and at the same time, he can easily split push, get solo kills and escape any danger with his ult if needed.

When playing Helcurt, you have to make sure you always have your other skill charged before attempting to gank. This way, it will maximize the chance of securing a kill. So don’t ever waste your second to kill minions. Play smart.

13. Harith

He almost always gets banned, but if you are below epic rank, then you can take advantage that there isn’t any ban system, and spam him until you reach epic. With the right build, this mage can sustain a lot and deal tons of damage at the same time.

14 Aldous

Strongest Mobile Legends Hero Aldous

Like Harith, Aldous gets banned quite frequently. When playing him, just make sure you only farm in the early game, don’t waste any minions. Don’t even attempt to go gank other lanes also after you get your ultimate.

Your primary focus is to stack his first skill until you feel you are strong enough to kill a squishy hero. Once you get enough stacks in your first skill, you can say.

15. Angela

For those who like to play support, don’t worry, if your team has a perfect sustain hero like Leomord, Harith, Fanny, Gusion, Claude, then she is an excellent pick. But if you feel like they are dumb, then use your ult on someone else who you think has a better understanding of the game.

Just make sure you continuously check the mini-map so you can play more efficiently.

Final Words

I hope you now get the best pics from our list of top 15 Strongest Mobile Legends heroes. Use these heroes properly to carry to mythic rank. All the Best.

If you guys find this article any helpful the share it with your friends, it will make my day. Thank you.

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