Top 20 Free Best Apps for Instagram to Improve Your Account [android]

Best Apps For Instagram: With 500 million active users daily on Instagram, it's not enough to rely on just 24 standard filters and tools available in the app. You need to have some extra supplements to stand out among the Instagram crowd.

20 Free Best Apps for Instagram to Improve Your Account android
Best Apps For Instagram

Good news for you, there are many apps and tools available on Instagram to help you edit photos, gain followers, attract likes, and analyze your performance. So, to help you out we are here with a list of Top 20 Free Best Apps for Instagram to Improve Your Account android.

These tools or apps will make your Instagram content unique, memorable, and appealing. You may not be able to reach all 500 million potential customers, but you will be able to reach people who mean the most to your brand.

You must have the question that "How can I grow my Instagram account for free?". So to help you out we have listed the 12 free best apps for Instagram accordingly as:

  • Apps for editing Instagram photos
  • Apps for Instagram likes and followers
  • Apps for Instagram analytics

Top 20 Free Best Apps For Instagram Android

  1. VSCO
  2. Pixlr
  3. Snapseed
  4. FaceTune
  5. Adobe Spark Post
  6. Afterlight
  7. Unfollowers for Instagram Lost
  8. Followers and Unfollowers
  9. Followers Insight for Instagram
  10. Followmeter on Instagram
  11. Crowdfire
  12. Free Followers and Likes
  13. Unfollowers and Followers for Instagram
  14. Get Real Followers & Likes for Instagram
  15. InstaTag
  16. Get Instant Likes and Hashtags
  17. Instagram Insights
  18. Squarelovin
  19. Spokeo Email Search
  20. Follower Analyzer for Instagram

Apps to Edit Photos for Instagram

Apps to Edit Photos for Instagram

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The in-app app filters on Instagram leave whatever you want. If you're not able to find an easy way to make your photos more professional and distinctive, try one of these alternative photo editing apps. Whether you're looking for a wide selection of filters developed by professional photographers, or just want to remove defects from selfies, this does the trick.


VSCO is one of Instagram's favorite photo editing app for a while. There are a variety of filters that make this app unique.

With VSCO you can make your films look like a cool movie. There are also many fine-tuning options for tinting, sharpening or cropping your photos.

The popularity of the app is proof that the #vsco hashtag is increasingly used on Instagram. Easy to use and convenient to share, it is often the number one choice among bloggers.

2. Pixlr

With Pixlr, you can create your own filters with effects, overlays, and textures.

When you are happy with the filter you have created, you can save and reuse that filter. This is especially useful if you are trying to create a specific brand image.

Pixlr lets you choose its brightness and sharpness. It includes a range of Red-Eye fixers and photo editing tools.

3. Snapseed

With the all-touch system, Snapseed gives you more control over editing your Instagram pics. You can change any object in the photo to match the rest of the photo.

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It has many tools that allow you to easily reach the near-professional level of photography. For example, you can change the color of a particular fabric of your choice.

With Snapseed you can save all filters and you can use them for character use. Often very convenient for customers.

The app logs every change you make, allowing you to roll back any edits you're not happy with.

4. FaceTune

FaceTune controls the field when it comes to selfies. It is also good to spot faces in multi-person selfies, you can easily whiten teeth, improve skin tone or remove wrinkles.

The Reshape tool allows you to cut your waist or make your nose look shorter. If you take a photo through the app, you can do all of this while doing it.

The app is also great when you want to remove or modify the background of your selfie to your liking. All of this makes Fortune not only practical but also fun.

5. Adobe Spark Post

Perfect for Instagram bloggers, photo editing is a fun and free editor from behemoths of photo editing. It's non-professional, easy to navigate and use.

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With the help of Adobe Spark, you can choose from several ready-made templates and layouts that you want to complete.

The app lets you play with fonts, sizes, and colors. Once you have completed the Spark post you will be helped to fully format the image for Instagram publishing.

6. Afterlight

Powerful editor, Afterlight brings you all the standard features you need. Does every filter in the application appeal to adjustment. This way you are completely in command of what you are going to do. Having your own filters can help you create your own personal style.

For short-term value, Afterlight is a very versatile editor. Natural navigation and powerful editing give you total control.

Best Free Apps for Instagram Followers

Best Free Apps for Instagram Followers

7. Unfollowers for Instagram Lost

The Free Unfollowers for Instagram Lost helps you find your followers (non-followers and lost followers) on your Instagram account.

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The app shines a light on those who don't follow you. You can also set it to highlight people you forgot to follow.

8. Followers and Unfollowers

This is one of the best apps for gaining Instagram followers to add flying colors to your account. Let new people follow you and who you are currently following. The app gets a great download number with a 4.6 / 5 user rating.

With this amazing app, you can find useful information about your Insta account with followers/un-followers data. Use this free tool to develop your account followers.

Don't follow me, mutual followers, follow me, I follow, recent followers and some of the major features.

9. Followers Insight for Instagram

With a great customer base and a great user rating of 4.5 / 5, this tool deserves a place on our list. The app comes with all basic functionality for free.

However, its premium version offers a set of advanced features:

  • People who blocked you.
  • Followers grew and lost in your account.
  • Get details of inactive users, potential spammers, and gooey soups.
  • Find out who your loyal followers are.

10. Followmeter on Instagram

Next on our list is an amazing app that runs with a fantastic and simple interface. Use it to manage your account effortlessly and get useful information like:

  • Total Likes
  • Number of comments
  • Average of all your likes and comments.
  • The total number of followers increased and lost.

It's a free app but if you choose its premium version, you should also access its "Discover section".

11. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is next on our list of best and free followers for Android. Use this freeware app to increase user engagement and learn about trending posts and hashtags.

Use it to find out about your new followers, your followers, your most recent followers, inactive users and more.

Crowdfare, which is loaded with many features, fully appreciates your Instagram account.

12. Free Followers and Likes

Another great app to buy Instagram followers is "Free Followers and Like". If you are looking for an app that will boost your followers, then choosing it is a good decision. It gives you all the trending videos, tags, photos and more.

Find the appropriate titles for your posts, details, likes, and comments of your followers with this amazing app.

13. Unfollowers and Followers for Instagram

Use this intelligent tracker tool to monitor your Insta account.

It also helps to increase follower engagement and provides you with useful details of who has recently and who has not followed you.

You can also use it to delete your new followers, non-followers, and followers.

14. Get Real Followers & Likes for Instagram

If you want to get followers on Instagram without following along, this amazing app might be the right choice for you.

Use it to find the most trending hashtags. You can create and save your own hashtags to make your posts visible and get more likes and comments on them.

Choose it today to learn more about the most popular and trending tags to increase your follower's list and likes.

Apps for Instagram Likes

15. InstaTag

InstaTag allows you to search for the most trending hashtags, which are valuable from the daily change of popular hashtags.

By knowing trending hashtags, your posts will look less relevant. There are dozens of categories and hundreds of tags and you can even find tags in categories.

16. Get Instant Likes and Hashtags

Get Instant Likes and Hashtags collect the top tags for each category and show you the most popular, making hashtag decisions quick and easy.

You can add, edit and delete categories and create custom hashtags, so you can copy all your hashtags at once and paste them into your post.

Apps for Instagram Insights

Apps for Instagram Insights

17. Instagram Insights

Instagram actually offers its own basic analysis tools.

Instagram Insights need you to have a Facebook business profile, but if you don't have one, it's a four-step process to set up.

This tool provides powerful insights into how often you use the Messaging option in your Instagram Story, how many people have saved your posts and how well your Instagram ads are doing.

18. Squarelovin

Squarelovin provides an analysis of growth, engagement, number of followers, best and worst times to post, and top hashtags.

For everyone, analytics are distributed daily, weekly and monthly, which allows you to broaden and broaden your focus and your analytics.

It's helpful if you want to test some different Instagram strategies for A / B month and compare week or day.

19. Spokeo Email Search

The Instagram game isn't just about posting photos and captions. Spokeo Email Search is an app that helps you track and analyze your competition. This is a way to get your position right next to peers or to search for new ideas.

You can learn a lot about your competitors by using their reverse phone search or email search.

A phone number search can help you learn more about other Instagrammers in your niche. A great help when searching for inspiration when experiencing a space of ideas.

20. Follower Analyzer for Instagram

Follower Analyzer provides you with relevant analysis of your Instagram followers.

You can see who unfollowed you and who doesn't follow you, track new followers, see mutual friends, and see fans.

No followers have ever liked or commented on your posts and you can see who has always liked or commented on your friends' posts.

You can see your top liked and top commented status and people who are often tagged in your posts.

Optional Premium Purchasing allows multiple account sign-ins, unlimited profile analyzer and deletes your ads.

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