10 Easy Tips to Rank Up Fast in Mobile Legends for Beginners (2020)

Are you one of those players who’s having a hard time climbing the ranks in Mobile Legends? Don't fear buddy, I am gonna help you to rank up fast in Mobile legends. These tips will definitely lead you to boost up your Mobile Legends ranking.

Tips to Rank Up Fast in Mobile Legends for Beginners, mobile legends ranking
Tips to Rank Up Fast in Mobile Legends

10 Easy Tips to Rank Up Fast in Mobile Legends for Beginners (2020)

1. Tower Diving Without Getting Hit

When we are attacking a hero inside a tower, the tower will attack us but there is a way not to get attacked when diving in towers.

What you need to do is wait for the enemy to get out of the tower range you can see that green circle, it's the tower range when they get out of that. You can attack or use the skill without getting hit by the tower

2. Advance Camera

Our next tip is the advance camera. You can swipe it right, left, top or bottom you can use it to see the enemies you are going to you can click it while walking and if you can use your 2 fingers at the same time you can use your skill while using it so you can aim properly

3. Know When the Lord is Being Attacked

You can know when the Lord is being attacked even if you are not there. What you need to do is advance your view then go to the Lord's location and you will notice that the Lord is attacking someone. It means someone is taking him so if you think that someone is taking the Lord, just advance your camera to know

4. Detect Enemies Hiding on Bush

To know if enemies are hiding in the bush you can attack the jungle creeps and if it goes to the bush, it means there are enemies there. You can do this to know if enemies are waiting for you on the bush.

If your hero is melee, you can use your skill first to know if there are enemies there but if you are nearer than the enemy, the jungle creeps will still come to you

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5. Steal Buff/Turtle/Lord

Next, when it comes to stealing buff, turtle, Lord or crab there is an easy way to do it. You can see here that if we are taking the objectives we are using Retribution.

Retribution's damage increases depending on the hero's level. Now, to make it easier to steal buffs or objectives you must use it with your skill or you're the strongest skill.

6. Green Dot Indicator

The green dot that you can see on top, in the face of your teammates it means they have ultimate if your teammates have ultimate or they haven't used their ultimate yet they have that green dot but once they use their ultimate that green dot will disappear.

The advantage of this is when you are ganking or there is a team fight, you will know if your teammate has ultimate but if you want to know how to rotate properly, I made a rotation guide for you to know how to rotate

7. Settings

It is very important that your settings or controls are ok.

Advanced Aim Mode

Rank Up Fast in Mobile Legends advanced mode

First here is the advance aim mode, what is it used for? this is good because you can select which target your hero will attack if you are going to click the bottom part, it means your target has crept and if you are going to click the top part, it means you will only hit the tower, you will not hit the hero

Targeting Priority

Next on the settings, you can select either target lowest hp or target closest. I think these are both good depending on the role you are using.

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If you are a marksman or mage that needs to target only who is in front target closest first is better but if you are an assassin who should target the lowest hp you can select the target lowest hp first but aside from that there is the hero lock mode this is the one where you can see the heroes beside your skill

Skill Wheels

Next, is the skill wheels set up and what is it used for? this is the sensitivity when you are doing a skill shot you can see here that when you are using a skill, you can select where you want to aim the sensitivity is how fast the movement of your aim.

The higher the sensitivity, the faster the aim.


If your camera view is low, the camera view is slow and when your sensitivity is high, the faster your camera view will be for me it's better to make it in half so you can still reach the end of the map you should choose the settings that best suits you


Rank Up Fast in Mobile Legends graphics

Next, let's go-to basic settings, if your phone is not lagging you can go for high quality so the graphics are better but if you are lagging, it's better to choose medium or smooth because it's hard to play when you are lagging


Next, let's go to network settings if you have a fast internet connection or you are not using data you can do the speed mode ON for faster connection this is also the reason why my ping is small these are the basics settings you can do to play better

8. Give Prioritize When Buying The Items

When buying the items why do we need to prioritize the items?

When we are buying it if you notice, we always have 2 choices when buying items that are our first and second recommended items. It means that if you will just buy the 2 items that are recommended on top you are just building the 2 items at the same time. You need to prioritize 1 item to build first if it is prioritized, that is the only item you will build remember that built items are better than small items

9. Item Build, Emblem, Spells

How can we know the right item build, emblems, and spells of each hero?

There is an easy way to know this just go to leaderboards then check the heroes used by the top players or top global players.

For example, Layla when you check on Layla, you will see the item builds of the top players also their emblems and spells. The only problem is you don't know why they pick those items or why they pick those emblems or spells.

It's better to check up to top 5, then see what their common items are it means that that is the main item for that hero but if you want to know how to build items, I made an Item build guide that you can watch

10. Know Each item

If you want to understand more about the items Mobile legends made a summary of each item.

Just go to preparation then click the book. You can see that in each item there is something written that is the summary of each item. All items that are being built have that it's made for us to easily understand each item.

Final Words

So these are the top 10 easy tips to rank up fast in mobile legends for beginners. I hope you find this article informative if so don't forget to share it with your friends. Thank you.

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