Top 9 Best Mage in Mobile Legends For Solo to Mythic Glory [2020]

Are you searching for the best Mage heroes in Mobile Legends? Here I am going to tell you the Top 9 Best Mage in Mobile Legends For Solo to Mythic Glory [2020]. If you wanna know all these powerful Mage Mobile Legends then stick till the end.

Best Mage in Mobile Legends for solo to mythic glory
Best Mage in Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, Mages are the only hero who uses his skills to attack his opponents. Their skill has a bigger damage output than other heroes.

Of all the classes in Mobile Legends, one must-have is the class of Mage team because a Mage causes magic damage and has crowd control skills.

Just a warning, now that all these heroes are useful only if you know them well. Make sure you know how to use those heroes. Practice them in classics before going to the rank game.

You probably have questions like Who is the best mage in ML?

What is the use of MAGE in mobile legends?

What is the strongest hero in Mobile legend?

Which hero should I buy in mobile legends?

So for these questions, I have prepared this top list for the Strongest Mage Mobile Legends. Now without wasting any time, let's start our list.

 This list is not sorted in any particular order

Top 9 Best Mage in Mobile Legends [2020]

1. Lunox

Lunox Best Mage in Mobile Legends

Lunox is not only a destructive Mega that can quickly tear down an enemy's HP - but it's also hard to kill.

Lunox does devastating damage per second and slows down enemies. Lunox's vulnerable target is difficult to escape due to her bothersome slow effect.

Also, Lunox is an independent Mage that can defeat incoming attacks for her ultimate skill, which makes her invincible for many seconds.

2. Harith

Harith Strongest Mage Mobile Legends

If you've ever played with Harith, you already know how tough it is to deal with it.

He can deal with extraordinary explosive magic damage while being very mobile at the same time. It is almost impossible to avoid a good Harith user.

However, Harith can be catastrophic because his skills can cause serious damage. Also, Harith's passive skills make it difficult for the opponent to exert an audience control effect.

All skills already have very low cooldowns, but his ultimate skill reduces his CD timer, making him even more deadly and dangerous to the enemy team.

If this is not enough, his passive skill reduces crowds-control duration by 45% and he also gains a shield with his magical power.

3. Chang'e

Change Most OP Mage in Mobile Legends

In a recent patch, Chang found a good buff that transformed him from a support Mage into a Marsman type Mage!

She's a Mage hero who can easily wipe out any tank heroes in mobile legends.

Her passive skill allows her to build on Magic Damage, which can also be used on basic attacks to activate 2 skills.

Her ultimate skill, the meteor, destroys the entire enemy team with a massive amount of damage and a really long-range, allowing her to deal with damage from a safe distance.

Lots of players have crossed the solo queue using this underage Mage hero. She also has the highest winning rate in the current meta.

4. Esmeralda

Esmeralda Best Mage For Ranked Mobile Legends

To date, Esmeralda has been a tremendous tank maze hero in Mobile Legends, as Esmeralda has unlimited and heavy damage.

Esmeralda is a Mage capable of dealing 2 damage in each attack. His inactivity allows his opponents to deal with physical and magic damage. It was one of the most formidable opponents to face at the beginning of the mid-game.

And depending on your gameplay, you can make him a Mage, a tank, or both.

Esmeralda is often banned from matches with higher levels because a certain strategy is needed to defeat this hero.

5. Cecilion

Cecilion Powerful Mage in Mobile lgends

The Cecilion has explosive burst damage.

His skills include mostly attacking spells, but his late-life gives him less protection.

At the end of the game and with specific items, Cecilion can wipe out squishy heroes in one attack.

6. Kagura

Kagura Best Mage in Mobile Legends

Kagura is still a very powerful Mage hero in Mobile Legends. She is a pain in the ass with that annoying umbrella and her combo skills.

She easily dominates the stage thanks to her superior skills. She can also break key goals during team fights.

Although Kagura is a kind of hero, she needs a lot of practice and technical expertise, and once you can use her effectively, you can push her to her limit and help her team succeed. It can turn into a very deadly Mage with a lot of potentials.

7. Harley

Harly Best Mage in Mobile Legends 2020

Whether solo gambling or team fighting, Harley excels at single-handedly landing enemies.

He has a lot of tricks and cards to play up his sleeve (the purpose of punishment).

He has a low Koon AoE Damage Magic skill by throwing cards to enemies.

He has a great blink skill that allows him to zip in and out of battle and a deadly Ultimate skill that can battle enemy heroes one after another will be removed from the map.

If you want to climb the ranks in the solo queue, Harley is the right hero for it.

8. Guinevere

Guinevere Top Mage Mobile Legends

Guinevere is a very strong and one of the ml best Mage.

What makes her OP is that he is not only a mage but also a very hard-fought fighter.

Guinevere can deal with heavy spell damage and has incredible CC.

She can surprise enemies for a few seconds and kill them in the air. Oh, and she does all of this for a few seconds when she's stunned and ineffective!

Indulge in a fight to start a team fight, knockdown an enemy hero or two, blink an eyelid and let your teammates rest.

9. Valir

Valir Most Powerful Mage in Mobile Legends

Valir is another strongest Mage Mobile Legends that can eliminate and destroy enemy teams during team battles.

He has a passive skill that deals damage over time, as well as a number of Crowd-Control (CC) skills that can damage multiple AOE, which literally burns down enemy heroes.

Their fire abilities are more effective when used in combos - Vengeance Flame, Valir’s ultimate skill, enhances his 1st and 2nd active skills.

The great thing about Valir is that, unlike other OP Mages, they have no learning curve. Anyone, from beginner to pro player can effectively use Valir and suppress enemy teams as long as you can keep it straight and spam your skills.

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Final Words

I hope you now get the best pics from our list of Top 9 Best Mage in Mobile Legends For Solo to Mythic Glory [2020]. Use properly these heroes to carry to mythic glory. All the Best.

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