Top 10 Best Indian Web Series Apps of All Time

Indian web series apps are becoming more popular because of the increasing popularity of web series in India. So, today we are going to discuss some of the best Web Series applications in India.

Best Indian Web Series Apps
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Before 2016 people were waiting for movies but nowadays people are waiting for web series. Most web series end with curiosity, so people are curious about the upcoming stories. So whenever the app launches a web series, it will watch by millions of people within a day.

Below we are going to discuss the Best Applications for web series in India. So read the full article carefully.

There are many reasons behind the rise of the Web series on such a scale. To start any web series, the censor board of any country does not want permission and can do anything they want their user to see. They make it and publish it on their own platform.

But a movie can not do that. The censor board needed permission to release the movie, and the censor board cut many scenes that did not fit their country's policy. This is the web series' biggest opportunity and is the main reason for the industry to grow at this level.

Each web series creator uses its own platform, application, website, or YouTube. There is some policy on YouTube, so any web series violates YouTube policy, then they start the series on their app.

Here I am not giving to give reviews rank-wise. All applications are numbers at random. At last, I will give you a bonus tip. So read the full article and wait for the end.

Now without further ado, let's know al the applications.

10 Best Web Series Apps in India


If you really want a reliable and partially free Hindi web series app, this Disney + Hotstar app is the best for you.

Initially, the app was named Hotstar only, but in March 2020 Hotstar launched this application that collab with Disney +.

If you don't really know Disney, I am going to give you some details so that you know how popular Disney is.

Disney is the world's leading entertainment studio. Marvel Studios is Disney's most famous studio. This makes Disney the market leader of the entertainment world. I hope you used to watch National Geography in your TV, National Geography is also a product of Disney.

Here you can find all kinds of web chains you need. You will also find many TV shows, Bollywood, Hollywood movies, live sports, highlights of cricket, etc.

There are many limitations if you use their free version. So if you endure their payment plan, buy it, because you will get very valuable and informative content there, the payment plan. They offer both VIP and Premium plans. The price of the VIP plan is Rs 399 and Premium Plan is Rs 1499.

Download: Android / iPhone / iPad


If you want to watch the most famous web series in India, then watch TVF play. TVF is the most popular web series provider or manufacturer and TVFplay is the best web series app.

I know you will never leave the TVF application after watching TVF content and you will never find yourself a loyal TVF lover. The TVF app has a premium interface and it does not show any ads. Overall this application is the best app for web series

TVF has launched many popular original web series. "Tripling", "Flames", "Ye Marie Family", "Kota Factory", "Cubicles", "Pitching". If you've never shown these web series, Kota Factory, Pitchers, Yea Mari Family, you definitely need to watch. This web series is one of the best web series in Hindi. All web series are independent, with no hidden costs. And the application itself is free.

If you want to download any web series in the future, this feature is also available here. If you want to watch the series on the big screen, go to the "Watch on TV" option.

TVF also includes a few subsidiaries such as Girlyapa, The Screen Patty (TSP), The Timeliners, and TVF Mach. In this app, you can also view the contents of these affiliates.

TVF also has a YouTube channel called "The Viral Fever". The subscriber of this channel is 7.15M at this time. Or subscribers on all affiliate channels, all subscribers are around 20M.

You can watch so many short stories and short films on the TVF affiliate channel that will entertain you to the fullest.

Download: Android / iPhone / iPad

3. ZEE5

The ZEE5 Premium Edition contains almost all valuables and infotainment equipment. So if you bear the cost of their premium plan, this application will be more enjoyable for you. Their monthly plan price is Rs 99 and the annual plan price is Rs 999. If you use some payment gateways like Paytm and AmazonPay, you will get cashback.

This app consumes a lot of data, and if you have a slow net connection, you will not manage or access this application properly. There are some bugs in this application compared to Hotstar and TVF. Overall this app is the best Indian web series app.

Here you will find different language-based web series. The ZEE5 Original Web Series is excellent but all series are available in the Premium Plan. Some of the ZEE5 original series include "The Final Call", The Verdict "," Possum PA "," Mentalhood ". "

With this app, you can use it as a News app, Live TV application, and Movie application. But all things come at a premium. So if you don't spend this app premium plan, downloading this app is completely waste of your data.

Download: Android / iPhone / iPad


If you like the best free Hindi web series app, ALTBalaji is the best app ever. This application form is premium and the best ever. There is a premium version of this app, but most of the content is available in their free version. So anyone can easily access this entire application.

ALT Balaji is the most famous original content creator. Much of the original content of ALT Balaji is available for free on this app.

Bose: Dead or Alive, Broken But Beautiful, Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, Hum Tum And Them, Fittrat, Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat, The Test Case, M.O.M – Mission Over Mars, etc. If you haven't seen these great web series, "The Test Case" etc, you should definitely check it out.

You will also get some movies on this app but the number of movies is very low and all the movies are old.

In the comedy section, you can see some of the popular comedy shows such as Booo, Baby come naa, Fuok?, Boygiri, etc.

Membership plans for ALT Balaji are minimal. If you buy their 3-month plan, you pay Rs 100 per month for 34 months and if you buy their 12-month plan, you pay Rs 300 ie / 25 per month. You will never get a membership plan at this price. Everyone can afford this price.

Download: Android / iPhone / iPad


Looking for the best video streaming app in the world, offering the innovative Web Series Stories app? Look no further than Netflix. If you are here about this web series app please leave these reviews.

Netflix is ​​a fully paid app. You won't get any demo video here to get a better idea of ​​how good this is. There are no bugs in this application.

Here you'll find a variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and web series. Netflix's original web series are excellent. And basically, many people use Netflix for the original web series and movies. There are all kinds of new movies available on this platform.

Some of the best Hindi Netflix original series are Sacred Games (two seasons), DELHI Crime, Leila, She, Taj Mahal 1989, and so on. After watching this series you will find that this application is the best Hindi web series application.

Netflix offers a four-way plan. You can buy it according to your need.

Mobile = price Rs 199 - mobile or tablet only - one screen at a time
Basic = Price Rs 499 - Laptops and TV Phones - Once a screen
Standard = Price Rs 649 - Laptops and TV Phones - Two screens at a time
Premium = Price Rs 799 - Laptops and TV Phones - For screen at a time

Download: Android / iPhone / iPad


Eros Now is one of the best web series apps on the market for producing original content. I hope you hear about Eros Now as this company also makes films so the name appears on Film Intro when the movie starts.

The Eros Now revenue model is subscription-based, so you can view their content after the subscription plan. This app doesn't consume much of this data, and if you have slow speeds, this app will run smoothly. This is the best part of this app.

Eros Now makes valuable, informative, and informative content. Some of Eros Now's best content are The Brawler, Smoke, Aligarh, Metro Park, Happy Bhag Jayegi, Flip, Operation Cobra, and others.

Here you will see many movies too, new movies too. All the movie categories are awesome, as all the pictures are classified by the main characters of all the films. So navigation is easy for everyone.Here you can browse according to the language displays. New music albums and news are also available here.

These subscription plans come in three variants

  • Monthly Price Rs 49.00
  • The quarterly price is Rs 79.00
  • Annual Price Rs 399.00

Quarterly plans are the best plan for each item. You will find many promo codes on the internet, so when searching, the best promo code applies here. Sometimes this application offers a 30% to 40% cashback lending promo code.

Download: Android / iPhone / iPad


Ullu is one of the most famous videos streaming platform. But this application is fully paid. Only the first two videos are free to watch. Also, you need to buy their upgraded version.

The user interface is good and performance means good video loading and other features. If your net connection is slower don't worry. It consumes very little data, so it does not affect app performance. So technically as well as the ability to deliver content, this app is the best online web series app.

On the Ullu Platform, you get high-class web series and exclusive Ullu Shows, which you won't find on any platform. Some web series are available in more than one language, while the Halala web series is available in English, Tamil, Bengali, and Telugu.

Here you will get a separate section for the Bengali web series so that you can use this app as the Bengali web-series app. Like Bengali, you can find Tamil, Telugu, and all other languages ​​here. So people use this application in any language.

Their membership plan is priced at Rs 180 per year. Rs 90 for 3 months so this amount is very low and everyone can afford it. In the membership plan, you get

  • Unlimited access and full HD streaming
  • Download for offline viewing
  • Unique multi-regional content

Download: Android / iPhone / iPad


Amazon Prime Video is ​also ​the most popular video streaming app like Netflix. Both apps drive this video streaming market.

Amazon Prime Video apps are also fully paid which means demo videos and trial periods are not available.

If you buy anything between these two web series apps, you won't feel that your money is wasted. There are no bugs in this app, so you get high performance.

Here you'll find TV shows and movies, including award-winning Amazon Exclusive. People actually buy this app for Amazon Original Web Series and TV Shows.

The Best Amazon Prime Web Series are The Family Man, Mirzapur, Comicstaan, Made in Heaven, Breathe, Jack Ryan, Hunters, and many more.

This web series app is one of the most popular in the industry. Add some of the Amazon Original Kids series - Mystery city, just add magic, wishenpoof, Gortimer Gibbons, and more.

Amazon Prime Video offers two subscription plans. The 3-month prime subscription price is Rs 329 and the one-year prime subscription plan is Rs 999. What if you want to feel better? Prime Video then offers a 30-day free trial.

Download: Android / iPhone / iPad

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Tubi is one of the best free web series apps in India. This app is totally free. All movies, TV shows, and web series are free.

If you are tired of finding the free web series app, this will be the best for you. Not only do you get Indian hits here, but the TV series is also available here. This application has no errors and consumes fewer data. Your viewing experience will not be affected if your net connection is slow.

Best Tubi Original Series for Sneaker Shopping, Wolfblood, Dog the Bounty, Hunter, The Dead Zone, 1-800-Missing, Grounded for Life, and more. All web series are available in English, so you can say that this application is the best free English web series app.

Comedy Films, Horror Films, Romance Films, Documentaries, etc. Here you will find a wide variety of movies - some of the best movies you will ever see - The Messenger, Middle Men, Kevin, Jimi, Chase. This image is available for free here.

I'm sure you won't find this kind of free available app on the Play Store or App Store.

Download: Android / iPhone / iPad


Hungama is another best and most popular web series app to play. Hungama is the most popular original content producer company.

This app is fully paid, so you can use a TV show or movie after purchasing their subscription plan. Here you also get the option to download. This app does not contain any errors and does not consume much data. That’s the best thing about this app.

Original web series or TV shows - Damages (Both 1 and 2), Hankaar, Boys with Toys (season 1 and 2), Bar Code,, Kashmakash, etc. are some of the best. Platform. You'll also find all the trending music here. And the music of all languages ​​is also available - Hindi, English, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, etc.

Here you will find a wide variety of new movies. But some new movies are only available for rent. But 60% of the films are available in their subscription plan.

If you buy the Hungama Plan for the first time, you get two months of free admission. They offer four plans to their customer -

  • 12 months price Rs 799
  • 3-month price Rs 249
  • 1-month price Rs 99
  • 7 days price Rs 29

If you pay any planned price through PayPal, you get 50% cashback. Paytm, PhonePe, etc provides cashback at some point.

Download: Android / iPhone / iPad

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Here I have included all the best web series apps in my favor. Comment below if you know the best web series and TV show application. I will include them in this article after reviewing the app you mentioned.

Tips for you

After using all the apps individually I have written this review. Finally, explain the bonus tip. If you can't buy this application subscription plan, go straight to YouTube and search for the name of your wish web series. Then you get this web series independently. You may not get it if the web series is newly launched but you will definitely get it if the web series is 6 to 8 months old.

Final Words

I hope you did find this article Top 10 Best Indian Web Series Apps of All Time informative. Do visit techtune4you for more pieces of information like this. Thank you.

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