Top 9 Android Podcast Listening Apps For Free [2021]

Podcast apps allow you to instantly subscribe to your favorite authors to easily learn about a new episode release, and control the playback. We've gathered the best podcast apps for Android, which helps make the release as convenient as possible. And most importantly - all these apps are free on play store.

Android Podcast Listening Apps
Android Podcast Listening Apps

Top 9 Best android Podcast Listening Apps

  1. Google Podcasts
  2. Castbox
  3. Spotify
  4. PodBean App & Player
  5. Podcast Addict
  6. Podcast Republic
  7. Podkicker
  8. Yandex Music & Podcast
  9. Pocket Casts

To know more about these amazing Podcast apps and download them, read the full article.

1. Google Podcasts

Google has been delayed for many years in releasing a special app for the podcast, but it has done well soon: an extensive database of audio shows, including a minimalistic interface, Russian, and custom playback control tools. The customer saves your Google Account, subscriptions, downloaded versions, and settings.

The Google Podcast has a nice and simple design, but the real star of the show is its integration with other Google services. You can find and play podcasts through Google Search and have full playback control using Google.

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Google Podcasts have only one Start Page, with all the necessary elements. As soon as the application launches, you will see subscriptions, new releases, and titles in various categories.

In the "For You" window, the new products, along with the issues you started playing but didn't hear, as well as downloaded episodes, are displayed.

The podcast's catalog leaves a good impression: all the famous Russian-language shows are, and most importantly - a full set of releases for Trashcast. To search, you need to know the name of the author or episode.

If something is missing in the directory, you can use the Google search bar, which provides links through the built-in browser. For example, we did not find TED tax technology recordings but we did find the latest issues on the official website using Search. However this is minus - from a podcast client, you expect another experience of usage.

The player interface is even shorter. It occupies one-third of the screen and allows you to set the timer to turn the recording 10 seconds back or 30 seconds, change playback speed, cut slices in silence, and start a podcast or finish the work. Switch to author-specified items, software tools for volume control - this is a minor error.

In-app settings, you can set a time limit to eliminate hearing and unwanted issues, as well as to configure notifications. If you don't allow them, you can't control playback on the lock screen or through the notification screen. Google Podcast does not have a widget.

Download Google Podcasts

2. Castbox

An amazing Podcast app by Castbox.FM - Radio & Podcast & AudioBooksNews & Magazines.

Castbox is a podcast app that doesn't recognize it, but if you haven't checked it out yet, you really should. Not only can you easily search for all of your favorite shows, but there is also an integrated community hub in Castbox, where you can find original content, radio broadcasts, and more. Free version with optional paid membership.

Membership cost per year for the paid version is $ 9.99. You can pay the premium for $ 1.99 month and $ 3.99 for 3 months.

To start working with the app, you need to log in using your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Line account, or register by email. You can bypass the authentication window, but then the application's functionality will be limited: for example, you cannot save and sync subscriptions.

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On the Castbox Start page, there is a search bar through which you can find the show by author, episode name, RSS, and link - usually, by any means possible. This is followed by a button to go to the downloaded release, which you can hear offline.

There is a small menu to switch between the catalogs of shows, audiobooks, and radio stations. One interesting section is the network. You can find all of the author's channels in it: for example, the Air Force releases 716 different audio displays. Part of the Start Page is dedicated to displaying categories of podcasts.

The Castbox catalog is huge. Here you can find all the releases of Trishcast and other popular Russian podcasts. The Foreign Exhibition Library should not be limited to English-language authors. French, Spanish, Italian, and German podcasts are interesting to learners of these languages. Channel information includes all issues, details, and recommendations, as well as user comments on various topics.

Download Castbox

3. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps in the world, but you know it's home to all your favorite podcasts. Podcasts are easy to find and play on Spotify, and if you're already using the app for your music needs, it's best if you can do everything in one place.

Download Spotify

4. PodBean App & Player

PodBean is an excellent choice with easy recommendations for popular channels, and you can start creating your own with the built-in Podcast Studio. Additionally, PodBean gives you the opportunity to test out a range of audiobooks, making it your all-in-one audio stop.

Download PodBean App & Player

5. Podcast Addict

It is a wonderful podcast app by Xavier Guillemane - Podcast & Radio AddictNews & Magazines.

For years and years, the Podcast Addict has been one of the most popular podcast apps on the Play Store. You can use the app to manage podcasts, audiobooks, live radio broadcasts, YouTube channels, and RSS feeds. The download is free with payment options to get rid of ads.

Control of player playback speed, sleep timer, add a button to favorites, volume up options, mono audio, silence. Among the interesting features, we have noticed the possibility of adding bookmarks with time codes and modes for the car, and when turned on, the controls get bigger.

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The player can be configured simply - the application settings have many options for playing audio, video, and radio.

The flexibility of settings is one of the main features of a podcast addict. You can adjust the player's behavior during the notification, enable automatic rewind, customize the appearance of the YouTube video player, and add additional playback control buttons.

Another interesting feature is the inclusion of the channel icon on the home screen for quick access. Other podcast clients cannot do this.

Download Podcast Addict

6. Podcast Republic

Free app for listening to podcasts, earning advertising, and distributing banners that eliminate premium access. The paid version is priced at $ 2.99, but without it, the client can use it without problems - the main thing is not to focus on ads under the player.

In addition to podcasts, the application offers radio stations, audiobooks, channels on YouTube and Soundcloud, as well as RSS subscription sites. To save and sync a membership, registration through a Google Account requires authorization or email.

Memberships can also be exported and imported into the OPML file.

By default, the Start page displays a list of podcast categories. Once you add subscriptions, the main screen takes up the block with the names of the channels, the last update dates, and the number of unheard episodes.

To simplify navigation, you can label tag management and podcasts. Tabs are also available on the main screen, allowing you to go through a list of playlists, downloaded episodes, and view all new releases.

In the player, you can control playback speed, add issues to your favorites, set sleep timers, activate modes for the car, adjust the equalizer, silence, and even increase programmatic volume. The settings options are only possible for current podcasts or all episodes.

A unique feature of the Podcast Republic is the control of playback by moving the device. You can adjust the sensitivity and specify the action: rewind, episode switching, play/pause, sleep timer.

In the application's general settings, you can control the user interface and playback sequence. Among the interesting options, we select the theme color, turn on Night Mode, change backups and restore options, and simply configure player behavior and notifications.

Download Podcast Republic

7. Podkicker

If you like the simplicity of the interface, Podkicker is the best solution. The only minus of the app is the lack of a Russian version. But with the number of buttons and settings offered by Podcicker, this is not a problem.

Podkicker does not have a sync account. To save and transfer memberships, a backup copy is used, which can be exported to a file in OPML format and then imported to another device.

The Start screen is a list of podcasts you have subscribed to. Not the top and recommendations, only your interests. There are three tabs available for switching: channels, episodes, and download issues. Use the search bar to add new podcasts.

You can only select a language to get the list of channels. You can connect RSS feeds and import subscriptions from OPML files. The attached channels also have a recommendation section that analyzes your interests and offers similar audio performances.

In the application's general settings, you can manage playlists, customize the appearance and behavior of podcast clients, and automatically save and load releases.

Download Podkicker

8. Yandex Music & Podcast

At the end of 2018, Yandex expanded the functionality of the music service - a section that featured "music", which suddenly contained no Russian pop music, but podcasts.

Audio shows are only available in the web version. More than six months have passed, however, and the "non-music" section has not reached mobile apps in its usual form. But by search, podcasts are available - all you need to know is the name.

Download Yandex Music & Podcast

9. Pocket Casts

Another beautiful podcast player app by Podcast Media LLC.

There are lots of people who pay for apps, but if you want the best podcast experience, it's worth spending a few bucks for a pocket casts. The app features a beautiful new design, dark mode, playback controls, easy content search, and anything to use.

Download Pocket Casts


1. How to listen to Podcasts on Android?

Android users can install third party Podcast apps such that Google Podcasts, Castbox to listen to their favorite podcasts. It's very easy to use these apps.

2. How to transfer podcasts from iPhone to Android?

First of all, you need to transfer the podcasts from iTunes Library to your computer. And then you need to import all these podcasts to your android device. For all this, you can use Syncios.

3. How to play podcasts through Bluetooth in car android?

Simply on the Bluetooth on your android device and connect it with the infotainment system of your car. Now play any podcats in your android phone, you will listen to it through your car audio.


Final Words

So these are the best Android Podcast Listening Apps For Free in 2021. Choose any of the apps and it will make your podcast listening experience beautiful. I hope you like this article, do visit techtune4you for information like this. Thank you.

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