Top 12 Best Apps to Add Music to Video for Android [2020]

Are you confused about how to add music to your favourite video? It's easy and simple. Here I am going to tell you Top 12 Best Apps to Add Music to Video on android devices. To know all these apps stick to the ends of this article.

Best Apps to Add Music to Video for Android

You can make great video clips with these apps, and they are multifunctional. Try out all the features of these apps which will help you editing videos included with audio tracks.

Below is the list of the best app to add music over video for android in 2020. Try all the apps or choose only one app to put music over video.

Top 12 Best Apps to Add Music to Video for Android Phone or Tablet

It is a free video editor. You can add a song to your video. If you work with videos, this app will help you edit them quickly. You can also make a tik tok video.

VivaVideo – Video Editor & Video Maker

You can add lyrics to your music video. You can also add subtitles.

You can blur your background and make it like a professional video. You can speed ​​up your video with music and also slow it down.

This app is top-rated; it has been downloaded over 100 million.

Are you looking for an advanced add music to video app? Here it is. This app allows you to edit and add an audio file to your video.

Magisto Video Editor best app to add music to video

The app has powerful artificial intelligence that helps you in your work. You will get instructions from the application.

You can add beautiful filters to make your videos more attractive. Try different video tools.

You can speed ​​up and slow down your video.

If you work with videos, this app can help you to save time.

You don't need a laptop or computer anymore. This app is worthy of your attention.

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Do you want to add audio to make the video fun? This app will help you. Select any part of the video and add the sound.

Add Audio to Video: Audio Video Mixer

You can add unlimited audio to the video. All this depends on you. If the audio is smaller than the video, then it will be repeated.

It is convenient and will save you lots of time. The app is smart; it does its job very well as add music to video app android.

You can combine the music with the audio attached to the video background.

You can give a voice to the video, make great-sounding videos.

If you like music, then this app is for you. You can select audio from the music library or upload your own.

It has been download more than 500 thousand times. Try it, and you will become a powerful video maker for sure.

4. Add Music To Video - Video Cutter & Slow motion

It is a great app that allows you to add background music to videos. Add music to make your video look beautiful. You can add photos or videos to your videos.

Add Music To Video - Video Cutter & Slow motion

App design is very convenient. You won't be confused as navigation is smooth.

You can export audio from video, can add a mirror effect to your music video, you can add multiple audios to the video at once.

You can share your videos on social networks directly from the app. Try this fantastic add music to video app online. It has been download 1 million times.

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Have you tried so many apps to add music to videos and you can't find one you like? Make an effort, and you will like it.

ClipMix - Video Maker

This app can quickly add music to your video. It does not hurt the image quality. You can add one or more audio tracks. Select the songs you like and add them to the app.

You can also use ready-made sounds available in the app. You will be even able to trim the music. It's easy.

You can slow down videos and music to create fun videos. You can also speed it up.

You can record your voice for the video. Add effects to your voice. You can make a different voice or a strange voice.

All these things you can do right in this app itself and your video will be great.

More than 5 million people have used it.

This app is worthy of your attention. It allows you to edit the video and add music to it.

Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert Mp3 Audio & Mp4 Video add music file to video app

It's free. You can perform many operations on your video. It also includes video and audio cutter.

It is the best app to add song to video, and it doesn't hurt the audio quality.

It supports any file format. You can mix different videos and audio. Create your song remix and share it with your friends.

If you need to change a video or audio format, this app makes it easy. The application supports almost all formats.

You can cut audio from video.

Sometimes we find a video with fresh music, but these songs are not to be found. Cut out the audio track, and you'll get a quiet track.

The app is widespread, and it has been download 1 million times. This app will help you to create great music videos. Try, and you will not regret it.

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It is a great app that allows you to add music to videos. It supports the most popular formats.

Add Any Song To Video. Video Background Music

Follow the simple steps to add music to your video: First, select the video. Then select the audio file. You can add audio right from the start or select a single section. Create infinite music videos.

You can voice the video directly in the app. The app is useful for any party.

This app is a new kind of party game. Record how you sing and add background music. You will have fun, and your party will be great.

The app has been install over 500 million times.

8. Add Music To Video (dev4mobi)

In this app, you get all the necessary and custom features to add songs to your favourite video clips. Import your favourite clip into the editor, select your favourite song and finish it.

Add Music To Video (dev4mobi) android video editing app

You can also preview your newly created clip.

In this app, you will get auto trimming music, sound effects, video mute, auto length adjustment and more.

Let's try downloading. This app meets all your video editing needs.

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It is another add song to video app on this list that offers a fantastic feature that adds music to videos.

Music Video Editor Add Audio

You can find some advanced features such as repeat mode, music mixing, preview video, volume control and more—all in one Masterpiece app to add music to your favourite videos.

Show off your creative video skills with this app. Create your funky music videos with this app in seconds.

It is another Masterpiece app to add a music file to video with advanced features.

Add music to video 🎵 background music for videos

The app includes preloaded sound effects, voice dubbing feature, fed-in, fed-out effects and more.

You can choose different styles of funky themes. You will like its user interface as it is a very user-friendly app.

It is for everyone to use it like Pro. So let's start making fantastic music videos.

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It has over 1 million downloads from Golden Apps Studio on the Google Play Store.

video editor with music for android

This app contains thousands of preloaded music and sound effects that you can use to add your local videos. You can also dub with your voice.

Start the voice recorder and dub your video like a pro.

The app also offers video compression and video integration. It helps you to join multiple videos at the same time and create amazing videos in seconds.

You can also use the creative filters available in this app to help you make your videos better and more attractive.

12. Music video maker 2020

Our last best app to add music to a video is Music video maker 2020 from Happy Kid Developers.

Music video maker 2020

1 million downloads on Google Play Store.

Create music videos fast in seconds.

All kinds of beauty effects and sounds are available here.

Choose different transition effects.

Just load your video into it and start editing now.

Comment down your favourite add music to video app

Final Words

So, guys, these are the best apps to add music to video for android 2020. All the very best and top-rated apps which you need to incorporate your favourite music on your favourite videos is here.  Let us select any of these and include music in videos such as a pro. 

I hope you did find this article informative, thank you.

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