Aim assist PUBG Mobile: Is it any matter if your Aim assist is enabled or disabled in the game?  Yes, it matters a lot. So, today in this article we will discuss What is Aim assist in PUBG mobile and how it works.

What is Aim assist in PUBG Mobile
Aim assist PUBG Mobile

You definitely saw the Aim assist option in the settings of PUBG. But do you know what difference it makes when you enable or disable it?

If you want to know how does PUBG mobile Aim assist work and how it will improve your gameplay then read the full article. Today, I will explain to you everything about Aim assist PUBG Mobile here.

In this article we will discuss:
  • What is Aim assist in PUBG Mobile?
  • What is the use of Aim assist in PUBG mobile?
  • What are the different types of Aim assists?
  • How do I use Aim assist PUBG mobile?
  • What are the Advantages of Aim assist?
  • What are the Disadvantages of Aim assist?
  • Should I use Aim assist in PUBG mobile?
  • Should I disable Aim assist in PUBG mobile?
  • Do I think Aim assist is a bad thing?
  • My Final words on Aim assist

Before going anywhere else first let's know what is Aim assist.

What is Aim assist in PUBG Mobile?

Aim assist is a feature in PUBG to help you target your enemies more easily. It helps you hit your enemy even if your target is not 100% correct. Even if your crosshair isn't on the enemy player, you'll see that your bullets are targeted.

Say, you carry a gun, but you do not have the scope and at the same time you do not know how to fire from that stock scope. Here Aim assist plays a major role to help you. If he is standing 20 - 50 meters away from you, you can kill him without scoping in.

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What is the use of Aim assist in PUBG mobile?

Aim assist is a good feature in PUBG Mobile. Aim assist is actually a very good thing that most people don't know. So it can really help you improve your target.

Aim assist PUBG Mobile can help when your bullet is passing through a nearby enemy so that you can hit it or kill without giving much effort. If you turn off the aim assist then your every shot must be 100% accurate to kill the enemy.

So Aim assist help in ignoring the slightest deflection and can kill the enemy for maximum damage.

Aim assist will work best while spraying down enemies.  It works with each and every scope. It just drags your crosshair or corrects your crosshair.

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What are the different types of Aim assists?

There are 3 basic types of Aim assists:

1. Auto Aim: It keeps your crosshair sticking on a target. Most gamers say that this leads to many fatalities but 95% of the time it is assisting you. You just do not notice when it is assisting you because it is programmed to be like that all the time.

2. Bullet Magnetism: This is by how much the game forgives you for being slightly off target. It leads to bullets to veer at any ever so slightly off target to hit a mark at the more extreme end to hit scan calculation. Without bullet magnetism, your gun must hit the target accurately.

With bullet magnetism, you just need to satisfy a minimum required output value through the game's accuracy formula.

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3. Crosshair slow-down: This is similar to auto-aim but it is unique.

Auto-aim will trigger your crosshair to make corrections. Crosshair slowdown merely causes your crosshair to automatically slow down when you're moving over a target or an enemy.

How do I use Aim assist PUBG mobile?

Aim assist PUBG Mobile on or off: How hard do you want your game? Aim assist can help you hit the target if you usually point the right way. This is in Settings> Basic.

PUBG Mobile Aim assist hack
PUBG Mobile Aim assist settings
PUBG Mobile Aim assist settings

So Is Aim assist good in PUBG mobile?

Yes. Aim assist is good for you but you need to know that though it has many advantages, it has some disadvantages too.

To know what are the advantages and disadvantages of Aim assist PUBG Mobile, read the article to the end.

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What are the Advantages of Aim assist?

In the Aim assist, the word "assist" is here which means it will assist you for a better enemy target.

I tried it and it works wonderfully. You do not constantly target the enemy. When you indicate who you want to shoot and leave the rest to Aim assist, it will give you a sure kill.

This is even better after the upgrades and if you have an auto weapon, the enemy won't get a chance.

What are the Disadvantages of Aim assist?

In the training mode, the Aim assist is turned off because aim assist isn't good for skill development.

Though is beneficial I wouldn't recommend it if you want to improve your skills, because you will make no effort to set a target and kill.

But, since this is a game for big screens like a computer or TV, you won't be disappointed with targeting smaller mobile screens. That’s why Aim Assist took place in the first place.

Should I use Aim assist in PUBG mobile?

Well, it's totally your decision, if you enable Aim Assist you will have a slightly better aim and maybe aim assist will reduce some recoil while spraying down enemies.

I think the game is allowing you to use aim assist and you should be using it.

Should I disable aim assist in PUBG mobile?

I might keep my Aim Assist disabled when I am playing classic matches or casual matches and I will enable my aim-assist when I play competitive matches. In this way, I will have a better aim when compared to before.

Do I think Aim assist is a bad thing?

Of course not. The average mobile gamer needs it in order to aim better because you don't have a joystick or a mouse.

This brings us to the final question, should you enable Aim assist or disable?

So, it depends. If you think your aim is good, you can turn it off. But you should not disable it to make your shots more accurate.

Let me know in the comments: What do you think of aim assist? Have you tried playing without aim assist? Does the Aim assist helps you to aim better?

Final Words

Try playing PUBG Mobile without Aim assist PUBG Mobile in classic matches as it is not helpful for your skill development. But do use in the competitive matches, it will improve your enemy kills.

I hope you did like this article What is Aim assist in PUBG Mobile and How it Works. Do visit Techtune4you again for more information like this, Thank you.

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