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Mobile Legends Free Diamonds: In this article, we will show you the top 5 ways to get unlimited free diamonds in Mobile Legends.

How to Get Mobile Legends Free Diamonds 2021

Among Battle Points, Ticket, Fragments, and Diamonds, Diamonds are one of the most expensive and rare currencies in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. They are mainly used to buy heroes and skins, but apart from that, the Diamonds can be used for many things, such as:

  1. Turn the Lucky Spin
  2. Get Free Skin Rare from the event.
  3. Send Diamonds to the other player.
  4. Send the Skin to the other player.
  5. Choose the Hero in the Brawl mode.

As diamond is one of the premium currency in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, getting them is not as easy as you think. But, there are still many ways you can get free diamonds in Mobile Legends games and bonus diamonds.

Wanna know how to get free diamonds in mobile legends 2021? Stick till the end to find out.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends 2021

1. By Doing Live Streaming:

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Did you know that you can earn diamonds by streaming your mobile legend gameplay?
Mobile Legend games feature live Streaming, but you can watch other people's games in real-time. When you watch the live stream, you can give the diamond straight.

Similarly, if your viewers enjoy watching your stream, they can gift you diamonds.

Here is the amount of diamonds you can get from the live stream prize:

  • Flower: 2 Diamonds
  • Jewelry: 6 Diamonds
  • Roadster: 250 Diamonds
  • Yacht: 1000 Diamonds
  • Airplane: 5000 Diamonds

Live Streaming is the easiest way to get free diamonds and battle points because you can start streaming in the game at any time.

Tips For Better Live Streaming

You Need to Be a Good Player

Live Streaming is not smooth! You have to become a good player in mobile legends so that many people will follow you and watch your streams.

If they love your stream, they'll want to gift you diamonds as a way to give back and support you.

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Grow Your Social Media

Another tip to get more viewers is to have more followers in the game and to stream your game on Facebook and YouTube.

You can also create a personal brand and set up a social media account to grow your community.

In short, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. So make sure you enjoy broadcasting your game and building community - not because you want diamonds!

How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends Daily?

2. Contribute to The Community

Apart from the Streamer, you can also find another way to find diamonds by contributing to the MLBB community.

One of the contributions you make to the community is to be the moderator to lead the definitive discussion. With this, you will receive free diamonds from Moonton as a gift.

How to get diamonds for free in mobile legends?

3. Compete In Tournaments

The third method is following the official Mobile Legends Tournaments.

Moonton, the developer of the game Mobile Legends, hosts a tournament you and your team can follow. There they organize Mobile Legends: Diamond Challenge Series competitions where you can earn thousands of Diamonds and cash!

The tournament prizes are quite big, such as:

⇒ Champion: 50,000 Diamonds per member

⇒ 2nd position: 30,000 Diamonds per member

⇒ 3rd and 4th Position: 15,000 Diamonds per member

⇒ 5th to 8th Position: 10,000 Diamonds per member

Give it a try, and if you and your team are good enough, then you must get the Free Diamonds.

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4. Following the Giveaway Events

In some cases, some professional players or streamers offer a cheaper way to make their channel more popular. Giveaway usually occurs in large streaming media such as YouTube or other applications.

With a small chance to win a gift from a streamer, you can try to follow it for fun. If you are lucky, you may be the one who gets the big prize.

5. Through The Apps

This is the 5th and last way to get a free diamond. You can make money using some apps or get free diamonds from the app.

If you have a lot of money, you can automatically purchase Mobile Legends Diamonds using phone credit. You don't force yourself to use that method, and if you have some other information or another way to get a diamond bonus, it's okay.

Now you have the diamonds and want to spend them. Below I have given you some tips for spending your diamonds.

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Tips for Spending Diamonds

If you have diamonds and are ready to shop in the game, be sure to take advantage of events and discounts so that you get the most value out of hard-earned diamonds!

Mystery Shop allows you to shop with diamonds.

For example, Mystery Shop gives you some discounts when you buy Hero.

The game is generous with this kind of discount as they entice you to spend diamonds! So watch out for these.

Comment what you mostly did with your Diamonds

Final Words

So these are the Top 5 Ways to Get Mobile Legends Free Diamonds. I hope you did find this article informative, Tank you.

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