Top 18 Deadliest Mistakes That PUBG Players Makes (Chicken Dinner is Fixed After Solving These)

Top 18 Deadliest Mistakes That PUBG Players Makes: Can't you able to get chicken dinner as you want or died quickly without killing much? So the reason for your "better luck next time" is you made some mistakes in the game. Therefore here we will discuss some of the deadliest mistakes you made while playing PUBG.

Top 18 deadliest mistakes that PUBG players make. If you correct these, chicken dinner will be fixed.
PUBG mistakes

Here we will discuss 18 deadliest mistakes that most of the PUBG players make. If you correct these, chicken dinner will be fixed. We will start with the number 18 and end up with the most deadly mistake.

Deadliest Mistakes in PUBG

18. Not being prepared for early fights

Early fights are common in PUBG as many choose to hot drop for instant action however many also prefer to drop in a more distant location away from other players so they can look up safely but this does not mean that early fights won't occur and not be prepared for early aggression is definitely a deadly mistake.

17. Not paying attention to your sound

Everyone knows that your sound is incredibly important in PUBG but there are many who simply aren't paying attention or perhaps or playing with very low volume. Yes, there are bugs that are related to footsteps and sometimes you simply don't hear them but often paying a bit more attention will be enough.

16. Running in a straight line

Running in a straight line will allow your enemy to line up a perfect shot and it's a very deadly mistake. Yes, you might be in a rush but at least try to run in a zigzag pattern in order to avoid being a moving target dummy.

15. Dying too obvious bait

Baiting enemies is a great move and will get you a lot of kills so before you pick a direction where someone just fired a gun make sure you think about if the shooting pattern made sense because if it doesn't sound like an actual fight then it probably wasn't.

14. Looting any time anywhere

After you kill somebody, don't just stand there while looting their bodies. That is a great way to get sniped. This is a very common noob mistake.

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13. Engaging too early

If you attack your enemy before you have a clean shot you're giving them a chance to get back into the fight. While giving away your position instead of getting an easy kill you can end up being sent back to the lobby in this situation.

12. Overexposing yourself 

Not leaning overexposing yourself or body peeking can be very deadly and is completely unnecessary instead of peeking with your entire body. Make sure you're lean out to avoid being an easy target for your enemy.

PUBG mistakes
PUBG mistakes

11. Not changing position when spotted

when you've been spotted in combat your enemy will know exactly where you are and exactly where to aim. It is very important to change your position if you've been spotted because if you don't you'll just be a very easy predictable target.

10. Don't talk with others while playing

Don't talk with other people (except your game partners), it will break your concentration. Just focus on your game if you want a dinner with chicken.

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9. Peeking a sniper from a predictable angle

If you just peek a sniper the sniper will know exactly where you are unless you're very confident of your own ability or you're able to repeat from a different angle doing that repeat is very deadly.

8. Standing still without cover

If you don't have cover then you need to move around and if you need to sort out something in your inventory do that with a cover or while moving around to avoid this because standing still or not moving will simply make you such an easy target and this is the second most deadly mistake of PUBG.

7. Uses of the colored outfit

Always wear a black outfit including black: shoes, pants, cap, glass or mask. The black outfit is the first choice of all the pro players because it helps them to camp like a god and you can't be noticed easily if you own a black outfit.

But one thing, they make you easier to spot in Miramar, natural colors like yellow and gray are best if you want to play on that map. 

Also, you can use the green outfit but it'd help you only in the grass and I'd recommend you not to use colored items. These things only make you a bit more visible to the enemies.

6. Don't stay close to each other

If you are playing in a team game, then the most important thing you can do early on stays close enough to your teammates so that you can support each other while you're looking for items. If you are playing competitively, then you should have a good team and if you have a good team then you should live or die as a team.

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5. Using of bikes

If you are new and wish to travel on a vehicle, always go for 4-wheelers as the bike is quite hard to ride without falling.

4. Using the boost option for vehicles

Using the boost option for vehicles requires a lot more gas and creates more noise so I don’t recommend using it unless you are getting shot at or trying to outrun the radiation zone.

3. Don't pay attention to your lung

While you are swimming, pay attention to your lung icon. If it is turning red, that means the game is thinking that you are still submerged in the water even though your character looks like it’s not. Pressing Crouch will let you submerge into the water and jump will allow you to surface. If you are trying to get to the safe zone or escape the enemy fire by submerging, bullets can penetrate water, but the damage is significantly reduced.

You are also obviously harder to spot when you are underwater. Also, if you are trying to get to a safe zone or escape the enemy fire by swimming, submerge will protect you from harm as no bullet can penetrate water. You are also harder to spot when you are submerged too.

2. Don't kill someone as quickly as possible

In a team game, if you shoot someone and they die without getting knocked down first, then that means all their teammates are already dead, but if get knocked down first instead of dying, that means at least one of their teammates is still alive and the guy you just knocked down can communicate your position to his teammates even after you kill him. You have to kill him as soon as possible so that his teammates don't revive him.

1. Crawling or crouching in an open area

When you get shot out in the open, never ever start crawling or crouching. This is a very common noob mistake. Crouching and crawling helpful for hiding behind cover or not getting noticed in the first place, but once you have been noticed, they actually make you an easier target because they make you go slower.

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