What is a Mobile processor? Top 10 Best Mobile processors (2020)

Hello friends, I know you definitely have a smartphone. While purchasing your mobile, either you already know or check its specifications in which you probably observed about its processor or CPU.

Similarly, as a PC has a CPU or processor, a similar way a smartphone likewise has a CPU or processor. Like a PC, a mobile phone also needs a processor to play out the tasks in the very same manner.
What is a Mobile processor? Top 10 Best Mobile processors (2020)

Like our computer, yet the processor of a smartphone is altogether different from the processor of a PC and its working is additionally very extraordinary. So here we will know all about What is Mobile processor? Top 10 Best Mobile processors (2020).


  • What is Mobile Processor?
  • What is Core in a Processor?
  • Types of Mobile Processor
  • Top 10 Best Mobile Processor list 2020
  • Difference between Mobile Processor and Computer Processor

All About Mobile Processors

These days dual-core, quad-core, octa-core phones are coming in the market. Yet the majority of the users was at that point mistaken for the processor name. Presently they are concerned that what is this core, what are its types? Presently how to pick a Smartphone with a good processor? Here we will know everything you want to know so without spending much, let us know about them.

What is Mobile Processor?

Much the same as the brain handles practically all the work in our body. Similarly, the Mobile processor works the most on mobile. At whatever point we need something our smartphone readies our processor that now the phone needs to do this work. For instance, in the event that you run an application in mobile, at that point, the greater part of its capacities is constrained by your processor.

Mobile processors are called low-fueled processors, processors utilized in Smartphones, or SoC (System on Chip). These are the minimal or compact size processors utilized in Power, utilized in our smartphone.

Mobile processors give awesome execution even subsequent to being extremely little in size as they are made uniquely for particular tasks of programming and equipment. These days we likewise get the opportunity to see Octa-Core and Hexa-Core processors in our smartphones, which is a significant enormous thing in itself.

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Similarly, as PC processors pursue an extraordinary design, similarly, mobile processors likewise have diverse uncommon structures that have been created by the ARM organization. So Mobile processors are additionally called as ARM processors in numerous spots.

What is Core in a Processor?

Fundamentally, a core CPU is a calculation unit or chip inside a processor, a solitary core is known as a Single Core Processor. The intensity of the processor relies upon the Gigahertz (GHz), that is, as much as the processor. The more Gigahertz (GHz) it is, the quicker it will compute. Presently how about we talk once more, what are the double core, quad-core, octa-core of the core?

Single-Core Processor used to hang to an ever-increasing extent, so to expand its ability, extra cores are introduced in the processor. Based on the core numbers, the names of the processors are known.

For example:

Double Core Meaning -  Dual-Core Processor

Four Core Meaning     -  Quad-Core Processor

Six-Core Meaning       -  Hexa Core Processor

Eight Core Meaning    -  Octo Core Processor

Ten Core Meaning       -  Deca Core Processor

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Types of Mobile Processors

The quality of the processor relies upon its technology. As indicated by Architecture, the organization makes processors utilizing nanotechnology. Small transistors are utilized to make the processor.

The littler the size of the transistor, the more dominant the processor moves toward becoming. The following are the names of certain organizations. Along with it, we have mentioned their nanometers. So you will also know which processor is more powerful.

Company                   Size

Exynos (Samsung) - 14 Nano Meter

Qualcomm             - 6-20 Nano Meter

Mediatek                - 26 Nano Meter

Top 10 Best Mobile Processor list 2020

 1Apple A13 BioniciPhone 11 Pro Max
 2Snapdragon 865Samsung Galaxy
S20 Ultra (US)
 3Exynos 990Samsung Galaxy
S20 Ultra
 4MediaTek Dimensity 1000 
 5Apple A12 BioniciPhone XS Max
 6 Snapdragon 855+Asus ROG Phone II 
 7Snapdragon 855OnePlus 7 Pro
 8Kirin 990 5GHuawei Mate 30 Pro 5G
 9Kirin 990 4GHuawei Mate 30 Pro 4G
 10Exynos 9825Galaxy Note 10+

Difference between Mobile Processor and Computer Processor

Crafted by both Computer Processor and Mobile Processor is the equivalent to process data. However, both are very different. The normal differences are like:

Mobile processors are running on work control, so they have a great deal of clock speed, while Computer processors give us diverse clock speed processors in various range.

Heatsink or fan isn't utilized to keep mobile processors cool, so their speed is very constrained, while in Computer processors we can likewise utilize liquid cooling such a significant number of work area processors give us overclockable (whose speed gives more power Can be expanded). However these days some smartphones are coming with liquid cooling techniques but they are not cheap at all.

The size of mobile processors is very minimal while Computer processors are multiple occasions bigger than mobile processors.

Don't forget to share which type of processor you have on your Smartphone.

Hope you like this article What is a Mobile processor? Top 10 Best Mobile processors (2020). If you have any query then feel free to ask in the comment box below.

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