Samsung vs Apple - Which is The Biggest Tech Company in The World Today?

Samsung vs Apple - Which is The Biggest Tech Company in The World (2019)?

Over 1.2 billion Smartphones were sold by Samsung worldwide in 2016 alone and more than 1.8 billion smartphones are expected to be shipped worldwide by 2019. The biggest competitors Apple and Samsung, together, they held almost 40% of the market share. But, the biggest question here is which company is bigger? SAMSUNG or APPLE? So in this article, we will discuss which is the biggest tech company in the world today.

Samsung vs Apple. Which is the biggest tech company in the world today?
Samsung vs Apple
The vast majority of us likely know something about the historical backdrop of Apple, given that former CEO Steve Job’s life has been marveled at and scrutinized over in books, documentaries, and movies. But we don't know much about Samsung. So let’s first take a brief look at how these two companies got going.

Apple's History

Apple was begun by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976. They started by making PCs, with Wozniak the designing cerebrum in the group. They started by making PCs, with Wozniak the engineering brain in the team, and Jobs being more than able to market his unique ideas.

It wasn't all plain cruising, and Jobs was constrained out of the organization before being brought back in 1996. He later progressed toward becoming CEO, and in doing as such, pushing his thoughts for a more streamlined, open, and beautiful version of the PC. That appeared as the first iMac in 1998 and after a year we got the Apple logo that remaining parts today. They gave us the iPod in 2001, the iTunes Music Store in 2003, the iPhone in 2007, the iPad in 2010, and Apple has since become a world leader in buyer gadgets offering top of the line gadgets that have made the perished Jobs a demigod of gadgetry consumerism.

Interesting History of Samsung

History of Samsung
History of Samsung

Samsung's history is significantly more various. Established in 1938 by the now withdrawn South Korean representative Lee Byung-Chul, Samsung began off as an exchanging organization managing in things, for example, noodles and other dried nourishments. Lee had his hands in numerous containers, and Samsung ended up associated with materials, protection, and sugar, in addition to other things.

During the 60s, the organization turned to gadgets, and afterward during the 80s it got into media communications equipment. Samsung the aggregate has been engaged with such a large number of sorts of business to specify, however on Samsung Electronics site, the organization currently expresses its 3 noteworthy zones of business as being "portable arrangements, home, and media arrangements, and ASIC and foundry benefits." The last part identifies with processors and innovation foundation.

Samsung's first ever cell phone was the Samsung Galaxy S discharged in 2010, which keeps running on the Android working framework. The first since forever tablet discharged by Samsung, and the first historically speaking Android tablet, was likewise discharged in 2010 and that was known as the Galaxy Tab.

Samsung vs Apple


On the Forbes list of the world’s biggest companies, Samsung takes the 14th spot. South Korea-based Samsung ranked as the second largest tech company in the world in 2018. Forbes has its sales for 2018 at $225 billion in sales, $41 billion in profit, $293 billion in assets and a total value of $326 billion.

Apple is the 8th largest company in the world

While Apple remains the top player in the tech scene, not just positioning as the biggest tech company in the world, but also the 8th largest company in the world. Forbes has its sales for 2018 at $247.5 billion in sales, $53 billion in profit, $367.5 billion in assets and a total value of $927 billion.

But wait, this is not where the battle ended. 

We should point out again that Samsung is a conglomerate, and so you also have Samsung Heavy Industries (the second largest shipbuilder in the world), Samsung Engineering, Samsung C&T, and Samsung Insurance. On the off chance that you included the majority of Samsung's organizations, at that point, it would be greater than Apple by a long shot. Samsung Electronics alone has a larger workforce, with its estimated number of employees to be 308,745 compared to Apple’s 116,000 as of 2017.

We may likewise make reference to that a considerable lot of these representatives are really making electronic components for Apple. Along these lines, while Apple is by all accounts bound to be the first trillion dollar organization and seemingly the most fashionable consumer electronics company out there, we must also shine some light on some of Samsung’s accolades.

Samsung is the world's largest Smartphones manufacturers

Samsung vs Apple mobiles. Whic is the biggest smartphone manufacturers?
Samsung vs Apple mobiles

Samsung has also been the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer since 2011, and in 2018 had a 20.9% market share compared to Apple’s 12.1% market share globally.

Samsung is the World's largest manufacturers of TVs

The giant isn't in charge of around 20% of South Korea's economy, however, it's beating the rest of the world in many areas. For 13 years now, it has been the world’s largest manufacturer of TVs with a 20% market share compared to LG’s 12% market share in 2018. 

Huawei is also in the game

According to gadgetsnow, China’s leading smartphone maker, Huawei, had knocked Apple off the second spot and Apple is now in the 3rd spot. So, while Samsung leads the way in the smartphone business and doesn’t look like it can be caught, Apple is struggling to keep up with the innovative Chinese smartphone makers.

Don't underestimate NOKIA

Nokia 1100 mobile
Nokia 1100

Now, let’s take a look at some historical data. While Samsung has had the cell phone lead for a couple of years, it wasn't generally this way. In the event that we take a gander at the greatest selling telephones ever, at that point, the top is the indestructible and indefatigable Nokia 1100. It wasn’t very smart, though. As far as more intelligent telephones, Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus lead the way, having sold over 220 million units. Samsung’s best-selling touchscreen phone was its Galaxy S4 that sold over 80 million units in the first 12 months. That is just 10 million more than Apple's iPhone 5 sold in its initial a year.

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