PUBG Banned In India? Know The Complete Truth About It

PUBG Banned In India? Know The Complete Truth About It: PUBG has certainly become the most popular mobile game in India. However, at this point, it will be restricted. It isn't that sort of evident...

PUBG banned in India? Know the complete truth about it

PUBG Banned In India 

PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds getting to be renowned from the day of its introduction to the world. It was discharged just 10 months on 19 March 2018 and now it is the Best Game Of 2018 as per the Google India. After that, so much of fame is it really going to ban?
(Sad, I am also a PUBG lover)

PUBG has already banned in China

As of late PUBG pc was prohibited in China. What might be the reason? the answer is, it is so practical. The VFX of the pc variant of this diversion is too great that it looks so sensible when you execute a people there. It can give him a terrible effect and he may need to do the same in reality.

The versatile variant of the amusement is as yet not restricted in China. So we are as yet getting the 10.5 Chinese beta form of this diversion.


Is PUBG really going to banned in India?

From few days the rumor that PUBG will be banned in India was spread among us on almost every social media starting from Facebook. It is not directly true or fake.

The NCPCR (National Commission for Protection of Child Rights) has sent a letter to all the states of India by recommending to ban PUBG across the country.

From the news, we come to know that Jagruti Pandya, who is the Chairperson of the Gujarat Child Rights body, said, "All the states are required to implement it. Looking at the negative effects of the game, we had recently sent a letter to the state government recommending a ban on the game."

But PUBG lovers don't worry, it will not going to ban everywhere in India. The game is banned in the college wifi servers in Maharashtra because the students play PUBG in between their lectures instead of studying.

So, the servers of the game are banned in the colleges of Maharashtra, so that the students can't miss using the wifi instead of studying.

Conclusion: So, continue your PUBG sessions, but keep in mind study is more important. So, give your time to studies also so that you can achieve your goals in exams that means career as well as in your gaming.

Finally, are you guys happy? Let me know about your thoughts in the comment box below. Please don't be cheap to share the news also with your friends.


  1. Mojaa bro really happy to hear that... continue with your work.. keep going

  2. I don't really understand what is our govt. upto, I mean banning a game for EVERYONE just because SOME of them can't control their addiction ... that is unfair for those who play it the right way, I mean this ban will also affect those fellow students or peoples who just play it only for around half an hour AND I think that this is not fair … not at all THIS BAN WILL ALSO AFFECT THOSE people who are well settled and not a student NOW I would like to ask why should these people be banned . Its our right to live our life the way we want, if someone wants to play a game then its his life he should be given freedom to play it . Just because some parents can't control their child's addiction towards a game so they just send a mail/letter to our govt. to put a ban on it that's total nonsense... I would like to tell if such parents can't control their child addiction towards a game then they don't get right to spoil others fun by asking govt. to put a ban on the game, and govt. doing the same. And if those reasons are really the concern then why also not put ban on all 18+ or 16+ games usually all of them contain violence e.g. god of war,GTA, etc , and I addiction is the concern then why not ban fortnite(another popular game like PUBG), apex legends, and all battle royale games they too are addictive the same way as PUBG is.
    And finally I would also like to tell that wouldn't this decision be unfair for those streamers who earn by streaming their (PUBG,etc) gameplays on video streaming platforms.
    I am really against this decision even if it enacted only in few states.
    In my opinion govt. should do something related Restricting the playtime, and banning only for certain age groups (NOT FOR EVERYONE). And I don't think any 18+ should be banned from playing it for any reason, because really there are no sensible reasons for it to be done.

    P.S. I just told what I thought would be right I didn't mean to harm anyone feelings

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