Aashram Web Series Download or Watch Online: Review, Cast, Plot

Aashram is a web series acted by Bollywood starring Bobby Deol, most recently released on August 28, 2020, on the OTT platform MX Player. The lead role as a self-proclaimed Lord Kashipur Waale Baba Nirala is acted by Bobby Deol.

Aashram Web Series Download or Watch Online: Review, Cast, Plot
MX Original Aashram web series

Dharmaguru Drama has always been popular due to its shady dark reality and the tremors that affect young and capable minds to carry out their illegal activities.

Like Bobby Deol, Dharma Guru Drama movies and shows have long since disappeared, but with his gin writing, Prakash Jha has shown Bobby Deol as the new god in his latest Aashram web series MX Player Present.

Currently airing on the MX Player app, see Aashram Web Series download details, its detailed review, cast, and online streaming availability with the platform.

Aashram Web Series Download or Watch Online

The web series is a dark crime drama web series set in the fictional town of Kashipur. Along with Bobby Deol, the Aashram cast includes Aditi Pohankar, Anupriya Goenka, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Adhyayan Suman, Darshan Kumar, and many more.

Check out Bobby Deol's new web series, the cast of the Aashram here.

Prakash Jha's latest web series shows the impact of Baba Nirala on the Aashram community and especially on the downtrodden.

Casteism, poverty, and lack of opportunities make a new age a god-man who appears to be a god to the poor and needy, but a con man who truly fears people’s fear and fame, a weakness for power and money.

Aashram Web Series Trailer

Genre:         Thriller, Drama
Rating:         3/5
Episodes:      9
Released On: MX Player

Aashram Web Series Cast & Characters

Aashram web series star casts are given below:

  • Bobby Deol
Bobby Deol Lord Kashipur Baba Nirala played the lead role in the Ashram. Baba Nirala was a prominent religious figure in the city of Kashipur and had a stronghold on the poor citizens of the city.

However, after finding a skeleton in the forest next to the city, people began to notice that it was dark about Baba Nirala Ashram.

  • Chandan Roy Sanyal
Chandan Roy Sanyal is playing the role of Bhopa in this show. Chandan Roy Sanyal is a respected actor who has acted in many Hindi and Bengali films. The actor last starred in the 2020 Bengali film Ravako Ravoshio.

  • Aditi Sudhir Pohankar
Aditi Sudhir Pohankar played the lead female role in the Aashram. She plays a low-caste girl named Pammy, who, after rescuing him, is abandoned by Godman and taken to his Aashram. Aditi Pohankar last starred in the Netflix web series She.

  • Darshan Kumar
Darshan Kumar played the role of Ujjal Singh in Aashram. Darshan Kumar is a popular TV actor who has also worked as a leading supporting actor in the Bollywood film industry. He will be seen in the next Farhan Akhtar film Toofan.

  • Adhyayan Suman
Adhyayan Suman played the role of Tinka Singh in Aashram. Adhayan is a popular singer and actor who has acted in many popular films. She last starred in Ishq Click in 2016.

  • Anupriya Goenka
Anupriya Goenka took the doctor to the Aashram. Starred as Natasha. He has played important roles in Hindi and Telugu films. He has acted in some of the highest-grossing films in Hindi War, Padmavat, and Tiger Zinda Hai.

Aashram Web Series Storyline

The series, which started in Kashipur, Uttar Pradesh, begins with casteism between Dalits and upper caste people and how Dalits are not allowed in the upper caste area. Not only that, the talented wrestler Pammi Dalit lost the match despite playing so well.

Even the police officers had the courage to take no action against the upper caste people, Baba Nirala, Kashipur Wala to help the poor and Dalit people when Kashipur woke up in favor of Dalits and especially the Pammi family. Against the injustice done by the caste people. Impressed by Baba Nirala's actions, Pammi decided to turn her wrestling career into a sadhvi at Baba Aashram.

Everyone thinks that Baba Nirala is nothing less than an angel for the poor and needy people, the reality is not the same.

Baba Nirala, his true identity is Monty Singh, a god in the eyes of his devotees, but in reality, he was just a man who influenced people to give their property, fortune, and family life to Baba, and lived. His life was in his Aashram.

Baba Nirala exploits people’s weaknesses and is afraid to use them to their advantage and sexually exploits them by influencing young women. Also, drug trafficking, harassment, blackmail, and murder are deep crimes committed by Baba's right hand Bhopa (Chandan Roy Sanyal).

Things take a turn when the skeleton of a young woman named Mohini, who was killed by Bhopal five years ago on the orders of Baba Nirala, is found in the forest land. When the matter came to light in the media, Police Inspector Ujjwal Singh and his assistant Sadhu came to know that some other missing girls were shocked.

With the help of hard-working Dr. Natasha and reporter Akki, the team reveals the truth of Baba Nirala. How can they control the whole system, including greedy politicians, when Baba Nirala controls and manipulates it for his illegal activities?

While Season 1 of the Aashram web series reveals the bright yet dark world of Baba Nirala, Season 2 is even more thrilling, where Police Inspector Ujjal Singh risks his life to uncover reality and Pammi ends up with his family.

Destruction (Satti), find out the truth behind his life by his uncle and Baba Nirala. With more murders and shocking revelations in Aashram Season 2, the game got even worse.

Aashram Web Series Review - Is It Worth Watching?

Starring Bobby Deol as the famous and compassionate Baba Nirala, the series showcases the dark world and the work of renowned religious leaders such as Baba Nirala.

While people think of these clergy as their Godfathers, they are using the faith of the people for their faith. Produced by Prakash, the Aashram web series on MX Player highlights the issues that motivate people to follow these fake clerics and how these clerics persecuted and ruined their lives.

The series begins with a wonderful and entertaining story. A Con-Man Baba disguises himself as a New Age god, greedy politicians, the miserable poor, and corrupt police officers, all of whom keep the story entertaining and entertaining in the first few episodes. But unnecessary screen space for each character's personal story makes the web series a little dull and boring in some places.

As an actor, Chandan Roy did an amazing job as Bhopal. Pammy and Satti did justice to their roles. Bobby Deol got a great opportunity to showcase his acting skills in this series and did a very good job.

He will feel his presence in the entertainment industry again after a long time, and he has proved that he has left no stone unturned to get the right role.

In some places, he will surprise you with his monthly smile, in other places he will make a remarkable impression on your mind as Baba Nirala. Overall, Aashram Web Series is a very good, thrilling, and entertaining series, worth watching in your spare time on MX Player, if you like such a Dharmaguru Drama series.

Season 1 will be a little slow to end, Season 2 of the Asylum will definitely be interesting, where the game becomes more exciting, darker, and more dangerous. At least that’s what we expect from its trailer. Season 2 will be available on MX Player soon, enjoy Season 1 until then.

Aashram Web Series Download and Online Streaming Availability

The latest web series Aashram is currently airing online for free on MX Player. To view the Aashram Web Series download in the app or online, follow these steps:

➧ Download the MX Player app or go to mxplayer.in in your browser.
➧ Since it is a free OTT platform that contains ads, you do not need to create an account for shows or movies to be available.
➧ Look for the "Aashram" web series in the MX Player's search bar.
➧ Click on the poster that appears in the result. Choose episodes to download or watch online.
➧ To download episodes, use the "Download" option and enjoy all the episodes downloaded in the app at any time on the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Aashram web series download or streaming availability

1. Where can I view the Aashram's web series for free?

Bobby Deol's latest series is available to watch online for free on Aashram MX Player. We have shared the detailed steps through the step guide in this article, which will help you to enjoy this series online without any interruptions.

2. Is Aashram Web Series Online Possible?

Yes, you can easily download the latest web series Aashram online in the MX Player app. You can download the Aashram Web Series for free in a few steps. The process is straightforward and we mentioned above for your reference.

3. When will Aashram Season 2 be released on MX Player?

The official release date for Aashram's Season 2 has not been announced, with the makers not yet announcing that it will be released soon on the MX Player‌.

We will inform you about its release date and other details in this thread. Until then, you can enjoy Aashram's Season 1, which is currently airing for free on MX Player.

4. Is the Aashram web series worth watching?

Yes, the Aashram series is worth watching. An entertaining story, a large number of actors, and Prakash Ha's gin hat writing make these spaces worth seeing in your spare time.


Please note that all details, including download availability, are for entertainment purposes only. We believe piracy is a criminal act and a hoax. We do not support or endorse pirated content in any way. Always prefer official OTT platforms to stream or download your favorite web series.

Final Words

If you like thriller drama web series and movies, this is the latest Aashram to be added to your bi-watch list. This series is currently streaming for free on the MX Player app and for your reference, we have shared with you the Aashram web series download, streaming availability, detailed reviews, story, and broadcast. This is a good dose of entertainment, you should give it a try. Season 2 of the series will be released in the app soon and we will post to you about its release date and other details. Stay with us Overwhelming and cool!

I hope you like this article Aashram Web Series Download or Watch Online: Review, Cast, Plot. Thank you.

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