Conjuring Kannappan Tamil movie full Review 2023

Conjuring Kannappan Tamil movie full Review

Conjuring Kannappan is produced by AGS Entertainment. The movie also named "Conjuring Kannappan: Dreams Come True" is an Indian Tamil-language comedy horror film written and directed by Selvin Raj Xavier in his directorial debut.

Title: Conjuring Kannappan
Language: Hindi/Tamil/telugu/Malayalam
Genre: horror comedy
Director: Selvin Raj Xavier
Producer: Kalpathi Aghoram
Country: India
Production company: AGS Entertainment
Budget: ₹15 Crore approx
Star Cast: Sathish, Regina Cassandra

  • Average Ratings: 2.7/5
  • Score:100% Positive
  • Reviews Counted: 5

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The main character of the movie is Kannappan, also known as KP (Sathish), a game creator in dire need of employment. His mother Lakshmi (Saranya Ponvannan), father Anjanenjan (VTV Ganesh), who is retired, an aspiring YouTuber, and his useless uncle Sekar (Namo Narayanan) make up his family. He unintentionally becomes the cursed dream catcher's victim when he comes across this enigmatic instrument. And the apparatus takes him to a 1930s opulent mansion haunted by two spirits from Britain. Even if he can leave when he wakes up in the real world, everything that occurs there will also have an impact on him. Thus, should he die there, he will also perish here!

Rating: 3.0/5 Review by: M Suganth (Times of India)

In the flashback, "Conjuring Kannappan" deals with a revenge tale, just like every other horror comedy movie. The flashback sections are somewhat effective, and they are supported by respectable acting. Regina Cassandra, the exorcist, and Sathish have a respectable performance. But Nasser's performance was excessive. Redin Kingsley, Saranya Ponvannan, Anandraj, and VTV Ganesh assisted the main actors in their performances. 
The horror comedy "Conjuring Kannappan" is written and directed by Selvin Raj Xavier. In Tamil cinema, horror comedy is a genre that is heavily utilized. Furthermore, "Conjuring Kannappan" serves as another illustration of why a strong screenplay is required before attempting a project in this genre. Although the idea of owning a haunted dreamcatcher is intriguing, it wasn't really utilized to elicit laughter or horror.

Rating: 2.0/5 Review by: Janani K (India Today)

Game creator Kannappan (Sathish) is in dire need of additional work to support his family. Regretfully, he hasn't been successful in getting hired as a game creator by a major company yet. In these conditions, the water pumping engine for Kannappan's overhead tank eventually breaks down. When left with no other choice, he decides to use his well, which has been locked for years, to get water. He extracts what appears to be a talisman while getting water. 
Overall, despite a sluggish beginning, Selvin Raj Xavier produces a tidy and clean family film that is entertaining.

Rating: 3.0/5 Review by: Manigandan Kr (South First)

We are introduced to Sathish in the movie, whose character goes on a dream sequence that takes him around an abandoned palace in a strange setting. These dreams are caused by an enigmatic and possessed dreamcatcher. Sathish and his family become ensnared in a dreamworld haunted by a malignant ghost as they remove feathers from the enchanted object. 
Conjuring Kannappan transports us to a magical place where laughter coexists with terrifying situations and fantasies blend into reality. With a cast of exceptional talent and top-notch production values, Selvin Raj Xavier's visionary direction promises a cinematic experience that cuts across genre boundaries.

Rating: 3.0/5 Review by: TN Entertainment Desk (Times Now News)

Conjuring Kannappan reverts to the same pattern that it attempted to break free from. Is the movie doomed in the second half of Sathish and his family are cursed by the wicked dream catcher? The second half of the movie has a lot of unrealized potential, but it fades down quickly as the film approaches the intermission. Demonte Colony, Aval, and Exorcist are just a few of the unforgettable and iconic horror films that the movie brings back to mind. Even the famous song from Conjuring 2 has been preserved.

Rating: 2.5/5 Review by: Narayani M (Cinema Express)

From our end: The dream catcher's content and plot are not the same. Every character has performed admirably in their respective roles, including the ghost characters. The scenes and the music go along nicely. We can't demand rationality from a fantastic comedy movie like this one. The movie is entertaining overall, although its middle section needs some work.

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