Adla Badli season 2 Web Series (Besharams) Cast, Release Date, Story and more

Adla Badli 2 web series Cast, Release Date, Story

Adla Badli 2 web series: At last, the second poster for Adla Badli's second season has been revealed. It is a Besharams app web series. I will now discuss this poster with you, along with the actresses that will be included in the series and the date of its premiere. What are you waiting for here, then?

Adla Badli Season 2 Web Series

One thing to keep in mind is that whenever we see the first poster for a television show, the actress portraying the lead character gets to choose whether the show will be excellent or awful. She is the web series' main cornerstone, in a sense. A powerful pillar will be used to build a palace, and once the palace is constructed, people will want to view it.

Priyanka Chaurasia and Anu Murya play the lead roles in the Hindi drama, romance, and fantasy web series Adla Badli 2, which is available on Besharams App. Besharams App is the Presenter of This Web Series. The Adla Badli 2 online series will premiere on October 21, 2023. This online series will be available for viewing on the Besharams App in four installments; however, access to the series requires a Besharams App subscription.

Would like to know its strength. Priyanka Chaurasia will be featured as this series' lead actress. You can now speculate about the success of the Adla Badli season 2 web series. Right now, a lot of individuals here will claim to like Priyanka Chaurasia while a lot of people would claim not to. However, if actress Priyanka Chaurasia appears in it, perhaps the show's plot and scenes would be strong.

FAQ for Adla Badli 2 Web Series

  • Name of Actress in Adla Badli 2 Web Series?
>The primary actresses in the Adla Badli 2 Web Series are Priyanka Chaurasia and Anu Murya.
  • When Will Adla Badli 2 Web Series Be Released?
>The Adla Badli 2 online series will premiere on October 21, 2023.

Story type - Love and Suspense.
Online Released Platform - Besharam app
Language - Hindi, 
Release date - 14 October 2023.
Budget - 13 lakh inr Rupees Approximately.
Season - 2
Episodes - 6 episodes. 
Running time - 20 to 19 Minutes par Episodes.


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