Nain sukh Web Series (Besharam) cast name, story and released date

Nain sukh Web Series

Nain sukh Web Series 2023: How can Besharam's OTT platform fall behind when all the other OTT platforms feature our favorite actors? Lastly, we will be able to watch a humorous web series called Nain Sukh on the Besharams OTT app as well. I am currently here because I saw the series poster. What did I find on the poster that was nice and what was bad? Hello everyone and welcome to our website. Today I will be telling you in this article which actress will be in this series and when the series will be launched.

Nain sukh web series

Anu Morya will play the primary lead role in this Nain Sukh web series. Two additional actors will also be featured in this series. Kamana Newar will be the second actress in the series that you all get to watch, and as of right now, I don't know who the third actor is. You must be able to infer from the series' name how fantastic the scene will be here, right? Concerning the unveiling date of the Nain Sukh web series, it is scheduled for Saturday, August 24.

Why would admirers of Anu Murya be overjoyed here? Due to the fact that Anu Maurya will also be available on Prime Play and Besaram OTT. Who is looking forward to this series? Please let me know by leaving a comment; this was just a quick update I wanted to share with you all.

Cast Names.

  • Anu Murya 
  • Kamana Newar 
  • koomal Kaur

Nain Sukh Web Series FAQ

Nain Sukh Web Series Actress Name?
- Anu Murya is the lead actress in Nain Sukh Web Series.
Nain Sukh Web Series Release Date?
- The release date of the Nain Sukh web series is 22 August 2023.

Story type: Romance, Love.
Online Released Platform: Besharams app
Languag: Hindi, tamil, talagu, Bangala 
Release date: 28th August 2023.
Budget: 11.2 lakh inr Rupees Approximately.
Season: 1
Episods: Approximately 3
Running time: 21 to 31 Minutes par Episodes.

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