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I love you part 2

I love you part 2 full Web Series Ullu Update 2023

You guys can watch I Love You Part 2 Episode 4 in today's blog. Friends, in today's blog, episode four of the I love you web series will be discussed with you. Without further ado, let's get to its plot.

As a result, two langotiya yaars—Akash and Suraj—are presented to us in his narrative. Now Akash says to his friend Suraj, "Friend, you took away a girl I liked too." Now since I fancy another girl, I can't tell her I love her!

Release Date of I Love You Part 2

Namratha appears in significant roles in the I Love You Part 2 Web Series together with other cast members who collaborate with the actress Namratha.

The online series will debut on January 10, 2023. View the recently released I love you web series on ULLU. On the ULLU OTT platform, you can also watch other web series like Chramsukh, Palangtod, Doraha, and many others.

I love you part 2 ullu app

Please suggest a method for me to calm her down. Now Suraj thinks it is a simple thing to take her number and contact her and say I love you when you are unable to speak to her in front of others. And right now Akash really likes this concept. Now that Akash has returned home, he phones Prabha, but her mother answers the phone instead of Prabha.

Now Akash informs Prabha that he has had trouble sleeping ever since he saw her. When Prabha's mother says to Akash, "Come on, liar, why didn't you tell me earlier when it was such a thing," Akash responds, "This is the only specialty in me, while I am with you. I am unable to share the joy that fills my heart with you when I get close."

As soon as Tejaswi turns on the light, Akash notices that she is an aunt and asks her to stop immediately.

However, Auntie pays no attention to this at all because Auntie's body is engulfed in flames. At this very moment, Akash is also gradually regaining his full form and beginning to give Charamsukh to his Aunty Tejasvi. Both of them do this to put out the fire in their minds, and this brings episode four to a close.

Cast list and complete details for the I Love You Part 2 Ullu Web Series.

  • Suraj played by Nikhil Parmar
  • Natasha is played by Neeta Sharma,
  • Surekha by Poonam Rajput, and
  • Aakash by Vishal Bhatt.
  • As Prabha, Neha Gupta

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