I Love You (Part 1) 2023 Hindi Web Series Watch Online on ULLU

I Love You (Part 1) 2023 Hindi Web Series Watch Online

I Love You Part 1 Ullu Web Series Watch Online: On the official Ullu app, you may watch the I Love You web series Part 1 online. Fans and critics alike praised the web series for its presentation. The family drama series premiered on January 3rd, 2023. Fans adored the I Love You web series for its fascinating performances and engaging plot.

Neeta Sharma, Poonam Rajput, and Neha Gupta were cast as the main characters in the I Love You Part 1 web series. I Love You Part 1 is a three-part online series directed by S. Kumar that lasts 20 to 25 minutes each.

On the Ullu App, you can watch the whole I Love You Part 1 web series online. Previously, Aayushi Jaiswal, Mahi Kaur, and Pallavi Debnath played significant parts in the online serial Lady FInger from Ullu App.

Cast of the I Love You Ullu web series

  • Suraj played by Nikhil Parmar
  • As Aakash, Vishal Bhatt
  • As Surekha, Poonam Rajput
  • As Prabha, Neha Gupta

Part 1 of "I Love You" a web series's plot

The opening scene of the first episode of the web series I Love You Part 1 features Neha Gupta romancing Nikhil Parmar. We then switched to a montage depicting Nikhil Parmar and Vishal Bhatt's friendship. At the same time, Poonam Rajput introduced us to Aakash's mother Surekha.

The two proceeded to the beach after breakfast in an effort to win over local females. They ran met Neeta Sharma's Natasha, a newcomer to the area. The two males practically competed to capture the girl's heart by saying I Love You first as they both lusted after her.

Neeta Sharma is a brand-new addition to the roster of Ullu web series actors. Throughout the entire presentation, she kept up her confident demeanour. Additionally, the programme gives performers the freedom to construct situations and engage in a lot of brief banter that is curiously absent from other Ullu web series.

Episode 2 of I Love You, Part 1 continued to examine Natasha, Suraj, and Aakash's triangle relationship. Aakash was chosen by Natasha as her partner. When Aakash and Natasha made out while Suraj chewed on the rose petals he had purchased for her, it made for an unusual scenario.

We first met Neha Gupta's character Prabha after an intensive Neeta Sharma and Vishal Bhatt session. Aakash's sister, Prabha, returned home to live with her family. Every time Suraj touches himself, a dream about Prabha begins to appear.


I Love You Part 1 is a story-driven web series where connections have been well-established to pique audience interest. We witness Natasha asking about Suraj at the conclusion of I Love You Part 1 Episode 3 as she is in bed with Aakash. Watch I Love You Part 1 online on the Ullu app to find out what happens next.

Although the series' climax leaves viewers hanging, it is absolutely worth bingeing. Neeta Sharma and Neha Gupta both appear in several moments in I Love You Part 1. We may anticipate seeing the women in the I Love You Part 2 Web Series in a tonne of more scenes.
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