Kundali Bhagya 19th November 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Twist in Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 19th November 2021 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 19 November 2021 Written Update News for Karan Sonakshi lets Sherlyn know that she needs to assume Preetas position in the Luthra house. She asks Sherlyn not to conflict with her, in the wake of knowing the whole reality of her schemes. Sherlyn doesnt see how effectively Sonakshi came clean with her with next to no dread. She requests that Sonakshi be frightened of her now. Sonakshi shows her a video of Sherlyn and Prithvis meeting in the prison. She tells that she isn't a simpleton like Sherlyn. She adds that if Sherlyn shows the video to the family where she is the scoundrel, then, at that point, she will show the video wherein Sherlyn is the reprobate. She vows to render retribution if Sherlyn tries to conflict with her. Sherlyn gets undermined. 

Sonakshi requests that Sherlyn stay out of other people's affairs from now. Sherlyn consents to stay silent. Sonakshi takes the phony reports to Preeta. Preeta is dispirited to see the adverse outcomes for her pregnancy. Karan and Preeta get to see the reports and lose trusts once more. Karan lets Preeta know that they won't ever discuss her pregnancy again. He adds that she is the main individual in his life, a child or any other person doesnt make a difference to him. He is extremely content with Preeta. He needs their life to simply have satisfaction. He mollifies Preeta over the miserable news. Continue to peruse. 

Prior in the show, Sherlyn tells that Sonakshi is lying. Sonakshi calls her a nitwit. She concedes that she had tricked the Luthras, she had composed Preetas future, she frantically adores Karan and needs to get him back. Sonakshi tells that she generally adored Karan, she committed an error that she couldnt admit love to him, she arranged the marriage dramatization just to get Karan, she went to welcome her primary care physician companion and got to have some familiarity with about Preetas reports bungle. She then, at that point, asked her companion to handover the reports to her. She had stayed quiet about reality, figuring Karan will leave Preeta if he discovers that she cannot imagine. She concedes her whole arrangement before Sherlyn. Sherlyn is stunned to know how long Sonakshi hauled her lie by her guile plots. 

Kundali Bhagya 19 November 2021 Written Update News for Karan

Sonakshi lets Sherlyn know that she had a specialist companion in Lonavla likewise, even that specialist misled Preeta that she can never consider, however Kareena shockingly upheld Preeta, she proposed Preeta to embrace a kid. She tells that Preeta got Pihu as her little girl. She adds that she has come to Luthra chateau with a thought process, that is to medicate Preeta so she won't ever imagine. She tells that she was adding the medications in the milk to prevent Preeta from considering. She concedes that she adores Karan a ton, yet Karan loves Preeta. She lets Sherlyn know how Karan was freezing when Preeta swooned. 

She didnt wish Preeta to have some familiarity with about her genuine condition, that she can imagine. Preeta figures Sonakshi may have her reports. Sherlyn inquires as to whether Preeta is pregnant. Sonakshi tells that Preeta can never imagine in view of the medications given to her, however the reports express that she is fit and fine to consider. Preeta tumbles somewhere around stepping on the slick floor. Sonakshi goes to help her. Preeta asks her for the reports. Sonakshi tells that Sherlyn had got her reports on the dance floor and gave it to her. Preeta really takes a look at the bogus reports. Sonakshi tells that she was strained and actually taken a look at the reports as of now. 

She shows her phony worry towards Preeta. Preeta is vexed on actually taking a look at the reports. Sherlyn finds Sonakshi truly sly. Karan and Rishabh get some information about the messenger. Rakhi tells that she doesnt know anything. Karan tracks down the dispatch with Preeta. He goes to actually look at the reports. Sonakshi drugs the milk by and by. Sherlyn watches her. Sonakshi isnt impacted by Sherlyn. Sherlyn tells that she will consistently watch out for her, she additionally has a recording of her wrongdoings. She undermines Sonakshi. 

Sonakshi tells that she can do anything with Preeta. She asks Sherlyn for what reason does she need to stop her, when Preeta is their shared adversary. Sherlyn asks her for what reason is she so arrogant. She comes clean with that she might tell to the Luthras. Sonakshi realizes that Sherlyn cannot tell anything to them. She undermines Sherlyn about uncovering the latters truth. She shows the video to show her videography ability. Sherlyn is stunned to see Prithvi and her video. 

Sonakshi reminds Sherlyn that the video was shot on the Diwali night, when Sherlyn was taking care of the desserts to Prithvi with adoration. She compromises that she will demonstrate Sherlyn as the lowlife by showing the recordings to the Luthras. Sherlyn consents to stay quiet and not hurt Sonakshis plans. Sonakshi calls it eminent. She goes to Preeta. Karan inquires as to whether she got the reports. Preeta is much tragic. She shows him the reports. He finds the reports alright. She tells that she figured she will get some uplifting news when she caught wind of the pregnancy test in the tests bundle. 

She was confident that she can consider, as she feels typical consistently. She cries that she lost her expectation once more. He tells that they have effectively become guardians due to Pihus coming in their lives. He doesnt need whatever else. He asks her for what good reason is she wanting for a kid now. She tells that she was thinking to give a kin to Pihu. He tells that he can give her sufficient opportunity to arrange for that. He brightens up Preeta with his affection. He asks her not to stress for seemingly insignificant details. Sonakshi requests that Preeta have the wellbeing drink. She realizes that Karan will request that Preeta drink that for her great wellbeing. 

Karan makes Preeta finish the milk. Sherlyn thinks Sonakshi is taking Karans help against Preeta, she is truly shrewd. Karan needs Sonakshi to take off from their home when she has recuperated. Preeta asks him not to say that. Sonakshi can go to any degree to get her affection, regardless of whether she needs to demolish Preetas life. Sherlyn acclaims Sonakshi as the best admirer of Karan. She educates her regarding Mahira. She calls Sonakshi more astute than her. Karan and Preeta share a snapshot of harmony. They see the diwali saltines shimmering in the sky and grin. She enjoys the excellent sight. He finds Preeta more excellent than any sight. 

He tells that her grin is his beloved thing. She considers it an adorable motion. He requests that she stay back with him. She tells that she needed to lay down with Pihu in her room, however at that point Karan came there as well. He tells that he was fretful when she wasnt there in their room. He tells that she fills his heart with joy excellent. He requests that she guarantee that they won't ever talk discouraging things, they won't ever discuss pregnancy trusts, they won't give any significance to different matters and stay glad in their life. Preeta guarantees him. He embraces her with adoration. Following day, Karan lets Preeta know that he needs to go for a gathering after the training. 

He adds that Rishabh has more work than him. He likewise needs some credit share. Rishabh tells that he is pleased with Karans cricket calling. Karan tells that cricket is his obsession. Sherlyn deals with Rishabh. She prevents him from eating the mushroom sandwich, since he is adversely affected by mushrooms. She is sorry to Rishabh that she didnt focus previously. He says thanks to her. Karan asks Preeta what befell Sherlyn that she changed. Preeta tells that Sherlyn is dealing with her significant other. 

Rishabh doesnt like the food. Sherlyn tells that she will cook well sometime later. He tells that he will attempt to change. Preeta finds Rishabh cheerful. He tells Preeta that Sherlyn let him know that there isn't anything among Prithvi and her. Preeta wishes that his trust stays flawless. She tells that she is sorry to misjudge Sherlyn, she can see Sherlyns love and worry for her. She is glad to see them together. Rishabh tells that he is additionally cheerful now, its a decent change in his life. They share grins of joy, unconscious that Sheryn is as yet bamboozling them. Continue to peruse.

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