Raja Rani 21st April 2021 Written Update: Good News for Sandhya - [TV Serial Update]

Raja Rani 21st April 2021 Written Update on Techtune4you.in

The episode begins with Adhi is sitting frustrate. Parvathy teases Adhi for working in Saravanan candy stall. She asks him to share his expertise. He scolds her for teasing him. He says to her that he was helpless when Saravanan requested him to work in candy stall. Parvathy lies to him that Saravanan didn’t do it however Sandhya requested him to do it. Parvathy provokes him in opposition to Sandhya. Adhi says to her that he’s going to go looking for a brand new job. Parvathy stares him in shock? Adhi complaints to her that his associates teased him so he’s going for new job. Parvathy will get dissatisfied with Adhi’s determination. She fears that Sandhya will discover out her fact. If she come to know that she has arrier then her chapter is shut.

Saravanan comes close to Sandhya and questions her what’s she doing? Saravanan asks to her why is she slicing this paper? Sandhya says to him that she is accumulating this all for Adhi. Saravanan says to her that he can be settle quickly. Sandhya shares to him that Adhi dislikes this job. He’s educated one so he want to take part good firm. Saravanan says to him that she is considering for his good future. Sandhya helps Adhi and considering for his good future. Saravanan appreciates her ideas.

Whereas taking the paper cuttings each Saravanan and Sandhya’s head dashed one another. Each are staring romantically. Music performs on the background. Sivagami is considering Saravanan’s phrase. She fears that downside will increase inbetween them. All are considering that Sandhya upsetting them. She prays god to unite her household and don’t create any misunderstanding between them. She stares the invitation fortunately.

Sandhya is washing the vessels. Sivagami informs to Parvathy that she desires to care for the home in her absence. Mayil assures to her that she’s going to care for it. Sivagami complaints that they may by no means dare about the home in her absence. Parvathy says to her that Sandhya will care for it. Sivagami scolds her. Sivagami thinks that sandhya is
Concentrating on her work with out minding her.

Ravi asks Sivagami to provide the pill. Sivagami questions him what did he eat. He says to her that he ate Parrotta. Two individuals got here there. Sandhya informs to them that they’re her school principal. She welcomes them in. They informs to them that Sandhya is college rank holder. So all college students needs to rearrange perform for Sandhya. Sivagami leaves from there tearing it. sandhya notices it and says to him that she’s going to focus on about it with elders and inform to him.

Ravi questions her why did she left in center? Sivagami says to her that what else she do then this? Her son is uneducated one however Sandhya studied effectively. That’s the issue right here. Ravi says to her its all previous. They even began residing collectively then why did she speaking about it now? Saravanan comes there. He informs to her the whole lot. He questions her why didn’t she give any reply to it? He informs to her that Sandhya don’t take any determination with out asking her? Ravi asks her to consider it. Sandhya comes there. Sivagami teases her that she is having good luck.

Sivagami complaints that she participated in competitors with out her permission. Kannamma gave up for her. Sivagami asks Sandhya to put on pant and shirt in that perform. Sandhya says to her that she’s going to by no means go there with out her permission. Ravi asks Sandhya and Saravanan to accompany them to attend the wedding. She deny it. Sivagami challenges her to get good identify in that marriage perform then she’s going to settle for her as her daughter in legislation. sandhya accepts the problem.

Episode finish.

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