Mouna Raagam 20th April 2021 Written Update: Tharun learns the truth - [TV Serial Update]

Mouna Raagam 20th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Sruthi complaints to her dad and mom that they ruined her life. She questions them why did they lashed out on Manohar? In the event that they cares about her life then they shouldn’t do like this? After lashing out at him how will he enable her to marry his son Tharun? Rukmani and Kadhambari tastes the actuality. Parvathy informs to Sruthi that she was silent as a result of she nervous about Sruthi. However Kadhambari and Rukmani badmouthed on him.

Sruthi glares them. Rukmani says to Sruthi that she will’t capable of maintain again her anger for he making an attempt to carry out Sruthi’s marriage with that psychological. Sruthi scolds her for mentioning him that means. She complaints that nobody like somebody insulting their youngsters. Sruthi says that he minimize the all ties with them. Even he again off from his all enterprise too. She fears methods to will she marry Tharun? Karthick says to her that she will’t capable of marry Tharun though it didn’t find yourself like this? Kadhambari and Sruthi stares him in questioning means?

Karthick informs to Sruthi that Tharun loves another person. Whom stated to her that Tharun likes Sruthi? Sruthi says to him that she’s going to make him fall for her and she’s going to marry him at any price. Karthick advices to her that love received’t come forcefully! Sruthi leaves from there Working follows her. Kadhambari questions him Is it a time to recommendation her? Karthick says to her that he may recommendation his child on right time. Kadhambari says to him that she’s going to go any excessive to offer her happiness to her. She’s going to carry out Sruthi marriage with Tharun. Karthick says to her that loveless marriage won’t ever give peace and happiness to her. Karthick says that he received’t see one other Kadhambari in Sruthi. Kadhambari questions him Is he evaluating her life with Sruthi and leaves. Parvathy says to him that he’s right. We shouldn’t enable Sruthi to guide a life like her mother. She will probably be by no means pleased in that life.

Sruthi is trying to find Sathya in music academy. Manohar’s lawyer comes there to fulfill Karthick. He informs to him that Manohar needs to chop all the partnership enterprise with Karthick. He asks him to cooperate with the courtroom procedures. Karthick agrees with him. Sruthi enquires to the staffs members about Sathya. Everybody informs to her that they didn’t see her there. Sruthi learns from receptionist that Sathya took depart. She confronts Karthick and informs to him that Sathya took depart with out informing to him. Karthick says to her that he’ll enquire to her. Sruthi complaints that he’s giving extra significance to Sathya.
Sruthi asks him to fireplace Sathya from the job. Karthick deny it. Sruthi blames him that he don’t care about her.

Sruthi calls to her uncle and informs to him about Mallika’s state. He feels pity for her. Sathya asks him to offer 5 lakhs quantity to her for Mallika’s surgical procedure. He says to her that he’s a reputation sake manger in property. He don’t come up with the money for to assist her. Sathya says to him simply give cash to her as debt she’s going to repay to him. He informs to her that he can’t capable of gather such excessive quantity. Sathya disconnect the name. She thinks that she has nobody to console her. She needs to ask assist from her large father.

Manohar reaches residence angrily. Sheela enquires to him what occurred? He informs to her that he went to unravel the misunderstanding between Karthick and him. However they insulted him and badmouthed on Varun. Sheela pretends like supporting him. He says to her that he challenged Karthick that he’ll carry out Varun’s marriage in a single week. Tharun hears it and questions him what’s occurring? Sheela narrates every little thing to him. Tharun will get shock to listen to all of it. Manohar stands adamant to carry out Varun’s marriage in 7 days. He says to Tharun that he minimize the all enterprise partnership from Karthick. He’ll organize new enterprise for him and leaves. Sheela smirks at them. However Tharun feels unhealthy.

Episode finish.

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