Bharathi kannamma 21st April 2021 Written Update: Soundarya loses her calm - [TV Serial Update]

Bharathi kannamma 21st April 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kumar reaches to Kannamma’s home. She questions him Is he return the file to him? Kumar nods and says to her that Bharathi physician helps everybody. Sufferers are speaking about him proudly. He appreciates Bharathi for behaving properly with Lakshmi. Kannamma says to him that every one educated peoples aren’t good individuals. Its relies on their behaviour. Kumar asks her to fulfill him sooner or later.

Kannamma says to him let’s consider our enterprise. Kumar excuses her and leaves. Soundarya and Akhil reaches to Kannamma’s home. Soundarya doubts whether or not Kannamma is in residence or not? They enters in to witness Kannamma is studying one thing. Kannamma welcomes them in. She asks them to take a seat. Soundarya asks Kannamma about Lakshmi. She informs to her that she went out with Kumar. Soundarya informs to her that Pandith got here to deal with and gave this thiruneer to her. He asks everybody in her household to use it. She applies it to Kannamma.

Soundarya stands adamant to fulfill Lakshmi. Kannamma dislikes it. She says to her that Lakshmi is already visiting her home usually. It’s giving nightmare to her already. If she see them right here then she is going to query her what’s the relation between them? Soundarya questions her Is she asking her to don’t come right here? Akhil says to her that she didn’t imply like that. Akhil asks Soundarya to depart. Soundarya refuses to go together with him. She asks Kannamma to disclose the reality to Lakshmi immediately. She informs to her that she fed up. She will’t capable of see Kannamma is struggling in entrance of her.

Soundarya says to her that she obtained her mother’s properties too. Solely Kannamma and her daughter has rights to make use of it. Kannamma says to her that she will be able to perceive her emotions. She asks her to cease worrying about her. She isn’t residing in hut. She has good work to do. She has peace on this home. Soundarya says to her that she isn’t that previous Kannamma. She modified lots.

Kannamma complaints that she is on this state due to her innocence. Bharathi used her innocence. Bharathi is coming to that means and notices his mother’s automotive there. He doubts what’s she doing right here? Soundarya asks Kannamma to return with her or at the very least ship her daughter to her. Kannamma refuses to ship Lakshmi with her reasoning she has no rights there. Bharathi received’t settle for her. She don’t wanna see step mom torturing her daughter. Soundarya isn’t understanding something. Akhil questions her Anjali received’t torture her. Kannamma deny it and mentions about Soundarya’s second daughter in legislation. She provides that she attended the competitors for identify sake however Venba is her daughter in legislation.

Bharathi notices Kannamma and Soundarya. Kannamma complaints that she carried out Bharathi married to Venba. Soundarya questions her why is she blabbering? However Bharathi shouts as its fact. Bharathi is insulting Kannamma and her character. Kannamma says to him that she received’t sit quiet if he questions her character? She asks him to get out from her home. Bharathi is preserve insulting her. Soundarya slaps him in anger. Soundarya lashes out at him for badmouthing Kannamma. She says to him that she ashamed to say him as her son. Bharathi insulting Kannamma once more. Soundarya says to him if she has any concept that he’ll end up like this then she would have aborted him in her stomach.

Soundarya apologises to Kannamma and says to her that she was proper. Soundarya says to her that she hurted her voluntarily. She takes Bharathi from there. Soundarya and Akhil lashes out at Bharathi for hurting Kannamma. She questions him why did he lied to Kannamma that he married to Venba. Akhil scolds Venba. Soundarya insults Bharathi for mendacity.

Episode finish.

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