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Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Is Live Now. You Can Play The Flipkart Daily Trivia Play And Win Vouchers, Gems & More. If You Are Looking Fast And Right Flipkart Quiz Answers Here Are All 5 Correct Answers Of The Quiz.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 12 May 2021

Q1: ______ Aur Pinky Faraar Is A Film With Arjun Kapoor And Parineeti Chopra In Titular Roles.

Answer 1: Sandeep

Q2: Canvas’, ‘Neo’ And ‘Ignite’ Are Laptop Brands Owned By Which Company?

Answer 2: Micromax

Q3: Which Hill Station’s Name Refers To Its Location At The Confluence Of Three Rivers?

Answer 3: Munnar

Q4: Among These, Which Veda Has The Most Number Of Upanishads Associated With It?

Answer 4: Atharvaveda

Q5: Which French Overseas Territory In West Bengal Was Handed Over To India In 1952?

Answer 5: Chandernagor

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 9 May 2021

Q1: Which Khan Was Directed By His Spouse In The Film Dhobi Ghat?

Answer 1: Amir Khan

Q2: Darsheel Safary Was Picked By Amole Gupte To Play The Lead Role In Which Movie?

Answer 2: Tare Zameen Par

Q3: In Which RGV Directed Film Did Amitabh Bachchan Lent His Voice For ‘Ganpati Aarti’?

Answer 3: Sarkar 3

Q4: How Many Women Acted In India’s First Film Raja Harishchandra (1913)?

Answer 4: Zero

Q5:  Who Among These Was Not Seen In Ranbir Kapoor’s Bollywood Debut Film?

Answer 5: Rishi Kapoor

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 7 May 2021

Q1: An Indian Is Not The Captain Of Which IPL Team?

Answer 1: Kolkatta Knight Riders

Q2: Virat Kohli Was Adjudged Player Of The Series In Which IPL Season?

Answer 2: 2016

Q3:  Identify This IPL Umpire.

Answer 3: Chettithody Shamshuddin 

Q4: The First Ever IPL Hat Trick Was Taken From The Bowler From Which Country?

Answer 4: India

Q5: Former Indian Cricketer Lalchand Rajput Was The First Ever Coach Of Which IPL Team?

Answer 5: Mumbai Indians 

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 6 May 2021

Q1: Which Of These IPL Teams Has Been Captained By Gautam Gambhir?

Answer 1: Kolkatta Knight Riders

Q2:  Recently, Kane Williamson Replaced Which Player As The Captain Of Sunrisers Hyderabad?

Answer 2: David Warner

Q3: Which Defunct IPL Team Has Won An IPL Title?

Answer 3: Deccan Charges

Q4: Royal Challengers Bangalore Defeated Which Team By The Margin Of 1 Run In The IPL 2021 Season?

Answer 4: Delhi Capitals

Q5: Who Among These Has Only Played For Only One IPL Team In Their Career?

Answer 5: Rishabh Pant

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 5 May 2021

Q1: The Name Sunrisers Is Used By A Team From Which Of These Cities?

Answer 1: Hyderabad

Q2: Which Franchise Is Joinly Owned By The GMR Group And The JSW Group?

Answer 2: Dehli Capital

Q3: Who Among These Has Taken The Most Wickets In The IPL?

Answer 3: Lasith Mallinga

Q4: The Theme Song Of Which Team Is The Whistle Podu?

Answer 4: Chennai Superkings

Q5:  Who Is The Oldest Player To Have Played In The IPL?

Answer 5: Brad Hogg

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 15 September 2020

Q1: Which Player Scored A Swashbuckling Century (158 Runs In 73 Balls) In The First Ever IPL Match?

Answer 1: Brendon McCullum

Q2: With 26 Wickets In 17 Matches, Which Bowler Won The Purple Cap In The 2019 IPL Season?

Answer 2: Imran Tahir

Q3: Only 16 Players Have Taken A Hattrick In The IPL. Who Among These Is One Of Them?

Answer 3: Rohit Sharma

Q4: With 6 Wins In The Last 12 IPL Seasons, Which Team Has Won The Highest No. Of Fair Play Awards?

Answer 4: Chennai Super Kings

Q5: Which Player Has Scored The Fastest Century (In Just 30 Balls) In The History Of The IPL?

Answer 5: Chris Gayle

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 14 September 2020

Q1: Which Character Is A Masseuse And Musician In The TV Show Friends?

Answer 1: Phoebe Buffay

Q2: Which Fictional Warrior Princess Wears Indestructible Bracelets?

Answer 2: Wonder Woman 

Q3: Eminem’s Real Name Is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. How Do We Better Know Harjeet Singh?

Answer 3: Baba Sehgal

Q4: Ardeshir Irani Is Considered A Pioneer For Directing Which Film?

Answer 4: Alam Ara

Q5: The Actress Tabu Did NOT Appear In Which Of These Salman Khan Films?

Answer 5: Tubelight

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 13 September 2020

Q1: Starting In 1970 , What Day Is Celebrated All Over The World On 22nd April ?

Answer 1: Earth Day

Q2: Which Anushka Sharma Starrer Was Banned In Pakistan For ” Promoting Black Magic ” ?

Answer 2: Pari

Q3: Which Animal Became A Central Part Of MF Husain’s Paintings Since The 1950s ?

Answer 3: Horse

Q4: Two Angles Of A Triangle Are 72 And 44. What Is The Third Angle ?

Answer 4: 64

Q5: Among These , Which Sea Is The Saltiest ?

Answer 5: Red Sea

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 12 September 2020

Q1: The Largest Stadium In India By Seating Capacity Is In Which City?

Answer 1: Kolkata

Q2: The Co-Founder Of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian Is Married To A Woman Who Plays Which Sport?

Answer 2: Tennis

Q 3: Recently, Sri Lanka Registered A Whitewash In A 3-Match T20I Series For The 1st Time Against

Answer 3: Pakistan

Q4: The First Edition Of The ICC Asia Cup Was Held In Which Country In 1984?

Answer 4: UAE

Q5: Two Teams Of How Many Players Compete To Score The Most Points In Ice Hockey?

Answer 5: Six

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 9 September 2020

Q1: What Does ‘D’ Stand For In The Global Network UNDP?
Answer 1: Development

Q2: Who Is The First To Host 2 Back To Back Oscar Ceremonies After Billy Crystal?

Answer 2: Jimmy Kimmel

Q3: Which Of These Organs Of The Human Body Generates The Most Heat?

Answer 3: Liver

Q4: Who Among These Did NOT Serve As The 1st Chief Minister Of An Indian State?

Answer 4: Raman Singh

Q5: Who Wrote ‘Meditations And Its Methods’ For His Own Self-Improvement And Guidance?

Answer 5: Swami Vivekananda

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 6 September 2020

Question 1 - What does ‘D’ stand for in the global network UNDP?

Answer - Development
Question 2 - Who is the first to host 2 back to back Oscar ceremonies after Billy Crystal

Answer - Jimmy Kimmel

Question 3 - Which of these organs of the human body generates the most heat?

Answer - Liver

Question 4 - Who among these did NOT serve as the 1st Chief Minister of an Indian state?

Answer - Raman Singh

Question 5 - Who wrote Meditation and its Methods for his own self-improvement and guidance?

Answer - Swami Vivekananda

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 5 September 2020

Question 1 - Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Juventus. Which country is the club based in?

Answer - Italy

Question 2 - Who is the first person to hit a double hundred in Test matches and in ODIS?

Answer - Sachin Tendulkar

Question 3 - Which nineteen time Grand Slam champion recently got married to Xisca Perelló?

Answer - Rafael Nadal

Question 4 - Shahbaz Nadeem recently made his Test debut for India. Which Ranji team does he play for?

Answer - Jharkhand

Question 5 - The 1st person in history to run a 42.2-km marathon in under 2 hours is from which country?

Answer - Kenya

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 4 September 2020

Question 1 - In which TV show would you find the character, Harvey Specter?

Answer - Suits

Question 2 - The birth name of which of these comedians is actually Satya Prakash?

Answer - Raju Shrivastav

Question 3 - Who plays the role of Man Singh, the manager of the Indian Cricket Team in the film ’83?

Answer - Pankaj Tripathi

Question 4 - The title of the 2017 film Meri Pyaari Bindu comes from a song in which film?

Answer - Padosan

Question 5 - Which of these popular TV shows is based on a film directed by Michael Crichton?

Answer - West world

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 3 September 2020

Question 1 - Which rapper’s song ’God’s Plan’ won the Best Rap Song at Grammy Awards 2019?

Answer - Drake

Question 2 - The singer Bhupen Hazarika has not won one of these awards?

Answer - Filmfare

Question 3 - DJI and Yuneec International are two of the world’s biggest manufacturers of what?

Answer - Drones

Question 4 - Which Indian cricketer is nicknamed ‘Porbandar’ after his birthplace?

Answer - Jaydev Unadkat

Question 5 - Which of these is not a company taken over by Oyo Rooms?

Answer - Weddingz

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 2 September 2020

Question 1 - Which country hosted and won the 2019 Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship?

Answer - Iran

Question 2 - Which of these teams has NOT won an EPL title in the last 25 years?

Answer - Liverpool

Question 3 - Who is the 1st Indian wicketkeeper to hit a century in a Test in Australia?

Answer - Rishab Pant

Question 4 - In 2018, Basketball legend Kobe Bryant won an Oscar for the short film

Answer - Dear Basket Ball

Question 5 - A player from which of these teams has not won the most Man of the Match awards in T20Is?

Answer - West indies

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 1 September 2020

Question 1 - Bryan Cranston has won multiple Emmy Awards for which TV series?

Answer - Breaking Bad

Question 2 - The Perils of Being Moderately Famous’ has been authored by which actress?

Answer - Soha Ali Khan

Question 3 - In the show The Big Bang theory, which restaurant does Penny work as a waitress? 

Answer - The Cheesecake Factory

Question 4 - The 1987 film Mr. India won which award at the Filmfare Awards?

Answer - None

Question 5 - The first Mr. India made his Bollywood debut with which 2000 film?

Answer - Fiza

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers Today - 31 August 2020

Question 1 - Who is the only boxer to win a record 8 World Championship medals?

Answer - Mc Mary Kom

Question 2 - The poem Layla Majnun was written by a Persian poet called

Answer - Nizami Ganjavi

Question 3 - Jyothy Laboratories and Nirma are both named after the founder’s 

Answer - Daughters

Question 4 - Ernesto Che Guevara was a student of which subject?

Answer - Medicine

Question 5 - Worn by holy people in Europe to symbolize purity, ‘puttees’ are a type of

Answer - Socks

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Frequently Asked Questions on Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz

1. What is the Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz about?

Flipkart runs a quiz called Daily Trivia and this Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz is available to play on the Flipkart mobile app. There will be 5 GK questions where players can give correct answers and win amazing prizes given by Flipkart.

 2. When is the Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz conducted?

The Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz runs from 12:00:01 to 11:59:59 PM IST.

 3. Where to play Daily Trivia Quiz?

You can play the Daily Flipia Quiz on the Flipkart mobile app and on the Flipkart website.

 4. How to play Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz?

Download the Flipkart app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Open once and sign in. And then find the daily general knowledge quiz from the sports section. There are a total of 5 questions. Answer all the daily general knowledge quiz questions to enter the lucky draw

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