FAU-G – an alternative to PUBG announced in India, and the meme-fest has begun

The new local selection for PUBG has already been announced with the inclusion of PUBG 48 hours after the Government of India banned 118 Chinese mobile applications. These applications are a threat to India’s “sovereignty and security” under the Order. This new multiplayer action game for FAU-G, Fearless, and United Guards (wait for it ...).

FAU-G – an alternative to PUBG announced in India, and the meme-fest has begun

Since the government began banning mobile applications of China, the Indian app ecosystem has been rapidly bursting with options that work quickly to take advantage of the surge of interest.

PUBG Mobile is a game developed by Tencent of China, which describes India as the largest market. This ban will create a huge vacuum in the mobile game space. The experiment of FAU-G is no less than a surgical strike, the iron is hot.

In support of the idea "atmanirbhar bharat", actor Akshay Kumar took to Twitter to announce the home ground game.

The players are soldiers in the army and according to the tweet "will also learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers". 20 percent of the profits from the game will be donated to the Veer Fund of India, the tweet said.

FAU-G is the brainchild of nCore Games, a mobile game publisher, and leading tech founder Vishal Gondal. His previous track record included IndiaGames, which he sold to Disney in 2007 and was owned by fitness band GoQii.

With an almost overnight change, Twitter is definitely to have opinions. Some raised their eyebrows:

Many shared fond memes of the similarities between the two games:

... others are busy stating that they have an alternative for PUBG:

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